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Dress Codes for Dinner

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Granduer Sailer, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Rccl Really needs to start enforcing the dress codes. The last cruise i was on there was people in shorts and tee shirts. Things like this really makes the dining rooms look bad. Tell me your oppinion.
  2. yuyi64

    yuyi64 Guest

    Call me old-fashioned but I'm a big proponent of proper attire in the dining room. I don't have a problem with shorts or t-shirts at lunch time but they should not be allowed in the dining room at night and neither should be jeans of any kind. I would strongly support RCCL if they decided to make the dress code listed on your cruise documents mandatory instead of just "suggested". Those that for whatever reason choose not to dress properly for dinner can always go to the Windjammer for their meals.
  3. Hal

    Hal Guest

    Excellent idea. We have taken the concept of "its your vacation" a bit too far. Yes, it is your vacation to decide what to do and when and with whom, but there are limits. Today's ships have so many alternatives to the main dining room that it is inexcusable for someone to flaunt the dress code just because they don't feel like dressing up. Many have chosen the dining room because of the ambiance and what it offers. We are remined of a cruise several years ago on NCL (not to be repeated soon) on Christmas evening, which was to be formal, eating next to a table in shorts and tee shirts. Simple manners and courtesy suggests that we dress and act appropriate for the situation. On land, one would not stroll into a 5 star restaurant in jeans or shorts. Certain times require certain types of dress. Indeed, even our sons that started cruising with us at 16 and 13 dress for dinner. It is never too early to impress on our children that there are standards and accepted norms in certain situations. In fact, both now have their own tuxes and dad is left in a dark business suit.

    Cruising is magical in so many ways - the sea, the sky and the shipboard ambiance. Getting dressed for certain meals and dressing appropriately is just part of it. Hardly a cruise goes by when I don't take a stroll on the top deck or promenade with my wife, both of us dressed up, under the stars and with the waves - very romantic. Just not the same in shorts. Also, the formal pictures are that much nicer.

    Especially on Caribbean itineraries, during the day shorts and the like are accepted as part of the climate and therefore acceptable attire.

    Nothing more than dress seems to set this forum off.

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  4. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    I don't care how someone is dressed at dinner. It does not make or break my dinner. The more comfortable someone is, the better for them.

    That said, I do read what is expected and dress to at least the minimum. But if someone shows up in a T-shirt and shorts - so what.
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    I could care less what someone else is wearing in the dining room at meal time. As long as I have on what is the "recommended" attire that's all that matters to me. I've seen cutoffs and jeans on formal night. If someone walks into the dining room on formal night in shorts, who is the one that everyone is looking at? As long as it doesn't bother them, why should I care what they are wearing.

    A Dining Room Manager once told me, "the dress requirements that are posted are only a guideline, we can't enforce them. Whether people are wearing sequins or shorts, they are all entitled to the same service in the dining room. If a person chooses to wear shorts when others have sequins on, that's up to them, we cannot refuse to serve them or turn them away to eat in an alternative dining area."
  6. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    Two year ago on the Grandeur, a woman ran into the dining room (for dinner) in jeans and t-shirt, said she just got back for her tour, and they stopped her and asked her to please go and change. She was rather pissed to say the least, but did as told.

    Most of those who heard the exchange were VERY HAPPY that she was stopped. I know I certainly was.
  7. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Welcome back, Grandeur Sailer! I hope your cruise on the Grandeur was a good one. My sister said someone came to dinner in a bright orange T shirt on her cruise. LOL. Please don't tell me these casual folks were from Baltimore. I will hang my head in shame.

    I think there should be a sense of decorum. The Maitre D should politely explain the code and point out the Windjammer or room service options for those who balk. I know, I am open minded about almost everything else. LOL.

    Hey, one question. Speaking of lost traditions, did they do the Baked Alaska dance on the last night? I wonder about little things like that. LOL. Fire hazard schmazard.
  8. Fetzablu

    Fetzablu Guest

    Hey Granduer Sailer................I hope you enjoyed the cruise. I was on the same sailing and had the same gripe about the dress code. I understand that if someone does not want to dress as to the "suggested attire" there is nothing that can be done about it. However, if I chose to dress in shorts and a tee shirt I would opt to dining in the Windjammer so that I would not be noticed. With that being said, everything else was absolutely terrific on the sailing. As Robkabob said, embarkation was the fastest I ever experienced. I arrived at the pier at 11:20am and was onboard in 12 minutes. Debarkation was just as fast after the ship was cleared. We departed the parking lot at 9:20am for our journey back to Long Island (our crew of 35 people). I do remember 1 other thing that RCCL needs to address, and that is the roudiness of the children in the halls and on deck in the evening. It seems that RCCL has no security watching over these children. Other than that...........a wonderful time was had by all!
  9. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Robkabob Wrote:
    > Hey, one question. Speaking of lost traditions,
    > did they do the Baked Alaska dance on the last
    > night? I wonder about little things like that.
    > LOL. Fire hazard schmazard.

    The way it was explained to me from a Head Waiter on the Monarch: Waiters dancing around with the Baked Alaska, a female passenger with camera in hand gets in the way of a waiter and you guessed it....waiter trips over passenger, woman sues...end of the baked Alaska dance. :(
  10. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    On Radiance, we had a faux Baked Alaska dance. They did a little dance and then we had to go up to the Baked Alaska station in an orderly manner. LOL. I guess that is better than nothing! LOL
  11. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest

    I, like most others, have seen all manner of dress in cruise ship dining rooms at night that was at odds with the line's stated dress recommendations / policies. I have three thoughts:

    1. I dress for dinner in accordance with the guidelines and wish others would, since I think it adds to the overall experience just as much as all of the silverware, the napkins placed in your lap, the skilled presentations, etc.

    2. No matter how someone else dresses, it is not going to ruin my cruise. And, I must say that I have seen formalwear that I thought was just as inappropriate as the jeans and casualwear. Some of the short micro skirts, see through blouses, spandex slacks, and necklines plunging to the belly button are just as inappropriate as jeans to me. So, I tend to give the ultra-casual a break.

    3. I will not let the cruise lines off the hook on this subject. An employee who says "we can't" keep someone out of the dining room for inappropriate dress is just copping out, in my opinion. What he is really saying is "we don't want the controversy and do not care enough about the policy to enforce it". They have no problem whatsoever keeping a 12 month old baby in a diaper out of the pool. They have no difficulty making you stop filming the after dinner show. They find the courage to stop people from taking food out of the dining room. Occasionally, they muster the strength to enforce the policy against saving lounges at the pool. They disembark leaving late arriving passengers within sight of the gangway. They can't enforce the policy? Give me a break!

  12. on my first night on the Serenade in 2003 i showed up to dinner in shorts and a tee shirt and i was immediately asked to change by 3 crew members, even after i told them why i was wearing what i was wearing, my luggage was lost but was delivered to a wrong room in the long run, they still gave me a little hassel, so i am not sure what you all were saying but on that cruise it seemed like RCI was enforcing the dress code,

    hopefully all goes well at home so i can finally leave for adventure
  13. All i have to say about the dress code is that if i have to pack all of the clothes than so should everyone else.
  14. glen tev

    glen tev Guest

    I have a question.Can you wear a shirt,dinner jacket ,slacks but no tie.I really feel uncomfortable in a tie to the point of not going to the formals even though i enjoy them.I'm a factory worker and i think the only ties i've ever worn were to funerals lol.I'm sailing voyager in sept and wondering if anyone thought that was acceptable.Thanks gt
  15. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    No tie is no problem.
  16. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Yeah, I agree. You'll be fine without a tie if you're wearing nice slacks and a jacket. :grin
  17. You will be fine. Im just complaining about the shorts and t-shirts.
  18. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    Granduer Sailer Wrote:
    > You will be fine. Im just complaining about the
    > shorts and t-shirts.

    How about shorts, t-shirts and a tie?
  19. tricemom

    tricemom Guest

    I absolutely want the dress code enforced. When Rudy Guilani became Mayor of New York, he started enforcing all laws - even the spitting on the side walk stuff. His point was that if you crack down on the small violations, the big ones won't happen. He was right! The City is much safer today. People on a crusie are in a very close environment and people need to obey the rules. I also experienced some unruly behavior by teens on our last cruise on the AOS. This year we are going on the Seranade because it is smaller and we hope there will be fewer teens to misbehave. If the teens on the Seranade also are noisy and obnoxious this will be our last cruise. I really hope things are under control on the Seranade, because I really loved cruising!
  20. Cruizer Wrote:
    > How about shorts, t-shirts and a tie?

    Are you being funny or serious?

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