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dress codes

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jenibq, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. jenibq

    jenibq Guest

    Can anyone tell me what the "normal" dress code is in the dining rooms for dinner? Specifically, can men wear nice khaki shorts? Or should they wear pants? Trying to spiff up the hubby. :)


    Conquest 5-2-04
  2. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    Absolutely NO shorts no matter how nice they are. He will have to bite the bullet and wear long pants. My husband always takes some khaki's and a few pair of really light weight slacks. Also, you can get by with a pair of Levi's with a nice shirt for a night. Also, NO t-shirts at night in dining room.
    Us ladies can wear capri's, sundresses, slacks or pant suits, but no shorts or t-shirts for us either.
    We live in FL and it was always hard for my husband to understand why he couldn't wear shorts, since that is all he wears here. But after a few cruises he doesn't mind at all any more.
    Good luck. It will all be fine, and he will have a great time no matter what he is wearing.
  3. jenibq

    jenibq Guest

    Thanks!! That is actually better because he already has slacks and khaki pants for work. If he could wear shorts I was going to have to buy him some new ones because he tends to think that the ones he mows the lawn in are "all purpose". Now I can buy myself something(else). :)
  4. Kensterfly

    Kensterfly Guest

    If at all possible, he should dress up for the formal night. At least a coat and tie.
  5. ChurchLady

    ChurchLady Guest

    And so it goes.... "A nice pair of levi's...." vs. "He thinks the shorts he wears to mow the lawn are all purpose"
    I think the jeans I wear to change the oil in my car are perfectly OK --- and who are you to say differently!! (that's tongue in cheek, folks!)

    So, no shorts -- no levi's in the dining room -- what's so difficult about that?

    There are various types of dress that can be worn on a ship for meals....
    tuxedo or dark suit, collared shirt, tie for gentlemen; cocktail dress or long dress for ladies -- on formal nights in the dining room
    sport shirt and slacks; summer dress or pants suit -- on casual nights in the dining room
    shorts or levi's any time you'd like -- in the buffet
    swim suits -- at poolside
    buck naked, if you wish -- in your cabin with room service.

    It's not that you don't have a choice -- the issue isn't what you WEAR, but WHERE you wear it!
  6. jedgar

    jedgar Guest

    Is there a dress code for the dining room?

    Depending on the length of the cruise, either formal dress or casual resort wear is required in the Dining Room. The dress requirement for children is the same. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code. Formal Wear: tuxedo (optional); suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner.

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  7. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    For Carnival, read your Capers. It will tell you the dining attire for the meal that evening. And yes, you can wear shorts. First night on the cruise specifically said that shorts were allowed. I did wear a polo shirt with them though. I also think there was one other night during the week where you can wear shorts. Formal night twice and the others were casual like khaki pants and a polo shirt.
  8. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    I guess I'm the weird one , I love the dressing up part. I dress totally informal for work.....so I love to get dressed for dinners. I wear a dress every night, not that I think everyone should. Am I alone in this?
  9. ChurchLady

    ChurchLady Guest

    I'm with you!!! I love to get spiffied up and served my dinner! That's part of the joy of the trip for us. Others enjoy the relaxing, no demands joy of a cruise.

    That was my point -- everyone can dress any way they want -- but not all manners of dress are appropriate for all rooms on the ship! There's plenty of choices available.
  10. jenibq

    jenibq Guest

    I, too, am looking forward to dressing up. I'm in the medical field and I wear scrubs all day. I'll be wearing dresses every night for dinner. And, thankfully, my dress-up hesitant husband bought his tux when we got married, so there's no excuse for him. Otherwise we would be stuck with any number of his other suits which should be banned back to the 80's where they came from. ;)
  11. jwmcq

    jwmcq Guest

    I was just wondering about the first night. Is it really ok to wear shorts the first night? My husband is a good sport and would be glad to dress up, but what if our luggage has not arrived yet? There is no way he will want to wear khakis all day just in case! Also, since we have the early dinner seating, won't the life boat drill be just before dinner? I have never had a 6:00 PM sail away - they have always been earlier on my other cruises. Will they adjust the dinner times around the life boat drill?
  12. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    beccabt, I'm with you! I dress "business" clothes for work, so I feel I want to be more dressy than that. I wear dresses every night except the first and last..... I always pack nice slacks or pant suit in my carry on for the first nigt and bring something that I can bring home in the carryon for the last night. The first formal night I wear a long formal gown the second I wear a dressy cocktail dress. I have my cruise booked a year in advance so I keep shopping for bargins. :)
  13. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    I have seen some shorts in the dining room on the first night. They do say it is okay because they know that some luggage may be delayed getting to your room.
    If ours is in our room in time my husband always changes. But like I said he wears really comfortable light weight slacks and has his "wardrobe" of 10 or 20 tropical print shirts. I lost track of how many he has:) He always looks nice but still looks like he is on vacation.
    Hope we get to meet up on the ship. If you want, I will email you our "official" names that are on our booking so you can find us if you would like. Neither one of us goes by our legal first name but it is on all documents.

    Conquest is getting closer and closer. May 2nd!!!!!!
  14. trollhead

    trollhead Guest

    I agree! How many nights do you dress up for dinner at home? After a day of work, errands, picking up the kids at the baby sitters, dinner attire usually consists of sweats or if we are ahead of schedule, jammies! Can you tell I have little ones? :) Our cruise is in less than a month, May 16th on Inspiration and my girls are so excited about dressing up for dinner. Perhaps its just a "girl thing", but so what? Its vacation, let's live it up!
  15. bconley24

    bconley24 Guest

    Does anyone know if there is a tuxedo/suit rental store available on board? My 15 year old son wants to dress up but he is growing so fast that he has out grown his suit. We will buy him a new suit if we must but it would be easier if the ship offers rentalsThanks for any info.
  16. Kensterfly

    Kensterfly Guest

    bconley24 wrote:

    > Does anyone know if there is a tuxedo/suit rental store
    > available on board? My 15 year old son wants to dress up but he
    > is growing so fast that he has out grown his suit. We will buy
    > him a new suit if we must but it would be easier if the ship
    > offers rentalsThanks for any info.

    Most ships do have tux rentals available but you may not find the right size. I'm not sure what the rental rate is. Check with your local tux rental place and then check with Carnival. Renting ahead of time from the local outlet may be a better deal. Of course, it's one more thing to pack, too! And if you decide to buy, I'd go for a navy blazer that can be worn with khakis and a tie, or even open collared, rather than a suit, unless he will get a lot of use out of the suit before he outgrows it.
  17. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    Of course they rent tuxedos. They aren't going to miss out on any extra revenue. :nope The basic Tux rental is $75. Shoes, vest, etc. are extra. Go to Carnival.com and click on Gifts at the top. A list will pop up. Just click on Formal Wear Rentals.
    You can even rent women's formal dresses. (Not that your son would want to but it is available :lol )
  18. Kensterfly

    Kensterfly Guest

    So, it's going to cost at least a hundred bucks. You could buy him a nice sports coat for that. If he was older, I'd suggest going ahead and buying him a tux. Then he'd have one for his high school proms. You'd come out way ahead!
  19. mardaho

    mardaho Guest

    we just back from a cruise and I personally can say only once did I notice someone attire and that was because a 4 year old sprinted past us without shoes on as I commented on it the mother races by and guess what NO SHOES ON I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree
    other than that I couldn't tell you if people wore shorts, levis, tuxes or anything else out of the ordinary
    even on formal nights you really don't notice it much so I guess you should just wear what you feel comfortable in within limits...
    you don't HAVE to wear a tux and formal dress on formal nights
    just try to look nice
  20. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    No shoes in the dining room?Thats a new one .

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