"Drink Tickets"??



9 weeks to go!! We are going on the Imagination 12/5/05. I know there is a soda & juice card (which we will be getting) but did I hear somewhere that you can pre-purchase drink tickets for bar drinks???
Also when we board and get our sign & sail card things can we give cash instead of a credit card?? I try to not use the credit card for anything except emergencys. How much do we give in cash to put against daily tips and on board charges?? Obviously, if not all is used you get refunded at check out?


You can deposit cash. Depending on cruise length, deposit is $100-350. You can deposit more. If money remains in your "account", Carnival will write you a check at cruise end. "Drink coupons" are vouchers you use to pay for drinks.

The voucher is more of a gift item...rather than something that you buy for yourself.


I've bought the soda card on our last two cruises but not sure what you mean by soda and juice card. Juice at the drink stations are free. Is there something that I don't know about with the soda cards?


We bought the Drink Card on our last cruise, but I don't think we got our moneys worth. We mostly drank the FREE Juice & water, or Alcoholic drinks we bought. Next time we will NOT be buying the drink card.


The drink coupons (bar credits) are not just gift items. I purchased them for myself on some of my cruises. You can use the bar credits to purchase drinks that cost up to $4.95. If you use them for the souvenir glass, they will add $1.50 to your sign and sail card for the difference. After you purchase the souvenir glass, you can use the bar credits for refills with no additional charge. The coupons are not much of a money saver, however they are good to use if you're trying to pre-pay as much of your vacation as possible before you go. Having the coupons will certainly keep your sign and sail card charges down. The last time I purchased them they were $19.95 for 4. I use them for the convinence and I like to pre-pay as much of my vacation as possible.

Also, I like the frozen thingies and the daily specials so I spend about the same amount using the bar credits as I would if I paid with my S & S card. I save a few cents because the gratuities are included in the bar credits. If you like drinks that only cost a few dollars, you'll loose money using the coupons.

Hope this helps...enjoy your cruise!!!


The coupons do not save you a ton of money--maybe 50 cents.

Do not use them for drink of the day-- 2.95 which is in a smaller glass.
Do not use them for regualr mixed drinks like rum & Coke or bloddy marys. Even small beers will waste your money.
Specialty Margarita, MArtini or daiguari will cost you more money. (some of those cost 7 bucks or more

If you buy the frozen drinks.. buy the soverneir cup the first day and get that refilled the rest of the week.

Royal caribbean has a soda/juice card-- Not to be confused with Carnivals Soda card. Carnival has free juice all day at the buffet or with rooms ervice. Royal caribbean has a charge for juice after breakfast.