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drinks on half moon cay?

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by asmitty, May 1, 2004.

  1. asmitty

    asmitty Guest

    I've been trying to find out about the drink policy for half moon cay. I've read 2 different things- one person says you can purchase a special and separate drink card for unlimited cokes/beer/rum runners just for that day. Something else i've just read says you cannot use your coke card while on HMC. Does anyone have answers to this topic?
  2. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    Also, at the luncheon on the island, what drinks are served? Just ice tea and water, or other cold drinks as well?
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Only Complimentary iced tea and water.

    I have never heard abou an unlimited drink card for HMC.....but we probably would not have paid any attention if they did advertise something like that. We usually only have maybe one frozen thingee and a diet coke. We are happy with iced tea with our lunch.
  4. earl_m

    earl_m Guest

    on moon cay is the same as any other day of cruising, there are no special cards .you can buy beer or soft drinks. at the normal price

    zuiderdam nov6
    oosterdam nov14
  5. seashell

    seashell Guest

    YES, there is a package you can purchase for Half Moon Cay. It includes beer, rum punches and soda. Sorry but I do not recall the price. It was available on the Rotterdam.
  6. bookworm

    bookworm Guest

    SEASHELL- Do you remember where you could purchase this? At the front desk or shore excursion desk? THANK YOU SO MUCH for the information about this package. It is sooooo nice to find someone who knows the latest that is happening on HA ships! People really shouldn't say yes or no to a question if they don't know for sure 'n certain.
  7. peaches

    peaches Guest

    There is a special drink card on HMC, just as Seashell said. It is $20 for soft drinks, beer, rum punch drinks, and water; $15 if you have already rented a cabana.
  8. seashell

    seashell Guest

    Bookworm you are welcome.

    The $20.00 sounds about right. There were people on our cruise that purchased it and they commented about it when we were all sitting at the bar at Half Moon.

    I believe you had to purchase it prior to getting to Half Moon. If I had to guess it was probably listed in the daily program or a flyer they put under your door.
  9. ready2go2

    ready2go2 Guest

    Its a shame one can't use their soda card on the island, actually it is a ripoff,I know because I have 3 kids ,each of them I purchased a soda card for,and we were there on the April 10th sailing of Zaandam, and my kids were told that they couldnt use them. I wish I had known about the special island card because I paid almost 20 bucks just for one round of drinks for my wife her father and myself and sodas for the kids, The reason I think it was a ripoff is because it is their own island with the same crew running the concessions with the same food and drinks as onboard the ship
  10. superstein61

    superstein61 Guest

    So if I bought this card, can I go up and buy 2 or 3 drinks at once (ie for my wife and daughter) - or is it supposed to be just for one person - so they will only sell one drink per card at a time?
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    One card for drinks for one person.

    You cannot buy a card for yourself and then expect to have beverages for the whole family from a single person's card.
  12. mlk

    mlk Guest

    Is the lunch included on HMC like all other meals on the ship or does it cost extra?
  13. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    BBQ lunch included......and we always enjoy it alot :)
  14. superstein61

    superstein61 Guest

    Thats what I thought - but man, you need to be a big drinker then to spend $20 on Half Moon Cay for Drinks just for yourself - just to break even.

    What is that - 4 frozen cocktails worth?
  15. seashell

    seashell Guest


    About 2 years ago I saw the soda card offered 2 different ways. One for the ship only and the other included Half Moon at an additional cost. I don't believe I have seen it offered this way since.
  16. asmitty

    asmitty Guest

    Okay, does this work? You buy one drink card for HMC, buy a drink for yourself, then very shortly after, buy a drink for your wife/hubby....one card could work for 2 people, couldn't it? I don't see why not, unless the "drink card sharing police" are on the ball checking things out! I am all about getting the most for my money and using the card this way definitely would do that.
  17. Judi

    Judi Guest

    We were on Half Moon Cay April 15th. I don't remember reading anything about an "unlimited" card being available, but it very well may have been.

    However, they did have two -4-one drink specials while we were there!
  18. superstein61

    superstein61 Guest

    asmitty - yea - thats what I had in mind also. Could I go buy a drink with the card - and 30 minutes later could my wife go up and use the same card? Or is it tied to your ID?
  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    .....and we think they are nickle and diming us???? Maybe some of the "moves" they make are a direct result of the "moves" pax make?

    Just a thought?????
  20. asmitty

    asmitty Guest

    Maybe some of you can afford to and gladly give up your extra nickels and dimes on things like the HMC drink card. My husband and I could afford to do this - each get our own card for the day, but separately , would not get our money's worth. I'm not out to cheat these cruise lines. I just have an economically smart approach in certain situations. I don't see anything wrong in "sharing" a card.

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