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drinks on half moon cay?



Can't speak for anyone else, but, No....we do not give up our extra nickels and dimes on things like the HMC drink card. We enjoy iced water/iced tea with our lunch and sometimes we buy a diet coke....sometimes not.

You certainly will make your own choice if you think it is okay to share a drink card that is intended for one person. Only you know if you are comfortable doing that. Personally, I would not be comfortable but that is my choice.


To get back on the subject for a minute..............

HAL offers two special Half Moon Cay beverage packages. Unlimited HMC Rum Punch, domestic beers, soft drinks and bottled water, $19.95. Unlimited soft drinks, $14.95. These are available through the Shore Excursion Office and at the Information Booth and bars on the island. There are also 2 for 1 drinks from 1:30 to 3:30 on the island.
Check with the Shore Excursion Office to be safe as this may change from ship to ship depending on times of arrival and length of stay.
This information was affective as of April 14th.

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Is the HMC pass a sticker on your ship ID, or a card to carry separately? Thank you, bOB, for providing the precise information.


Not sure my3kids,

We did not get it, we just did the twofers, if it makes a difference for any reason, I can email a Shore Excursion Manager who is a friend of ours and get that info for you.


Sorry to take so long, the ship is in Alaska right now and they are ALL up to their alligators.

Here is the cut from my return email.

1) No sticker (sticker is for when you purchase an 'on board' soft drinks package. For HMC you receive a card.
2) The package includes; Rum punch, beer, soda and water.


You need to purchase a card for soft drinks and water on the cruise ship ????
I have looked all over HAL site and can not find anything on this .
I was told all non-alkie drinks were free, especially bottoled water ???

Soooo confused !

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