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Hi me and some of my family are going on our first cruise.I know I cant take my Booze,so what are they going to charge us for drinks, a price list would be great.

ms Zaandam oct 16-23 eastern cribbean

Thanks in advance


A price list you won't find, but I can give you some guidelines. Each day there will be a "special of the day" which costs $3.75 plus gratuity. Bar brand mixed drinks run about $5.75 plus gratuity, call brands will be higher. Domestic beer is $3.75 plus gratuity per can. If you drink wine, you can buy a wine package which includes 6 bottles of wine from a select list to be served in the main dining room. The package is $125 plus gratuity. Looking at my bill from my recent cruise on the Zuiderdam, I note that I paid $15.53 for a double martini (including gratuity). I would suggest that you smuggle some alcohol on board if you plan to drink a lot. I usually pack a 12 pack of beer along with a couple of bottles of hard liquor in my checked luggage. Wrap it carefully ( I use towels and bungee cords) to avoid breakage. I have never had a problem. If you are concerned about having it confiscated, empty a large bottle of mouth wash and refill it with your favorite liquor. I have been on 17 cruises and never had a problem getting booze on board in my checked luggage.


The frozen type mixed drinks will run about $5.95. rum & coke was $4.50, J&B scotch on the rocks was $.4.95, domestic beer $3.75 import beer up to $5.25, to all of these prices you have to add the 15% service charge. These were prices on the Zaandam in May...jean


You can find a gift order form on the Holland America website. They offer alcohol, wine and other items that can be preordered. You can have wine waiting for you in your room, or in the dining room. There will not be a corkage fee($17.50) for this as it was purchased from Holland America. The bottles and brands were on the website offerings, I believe. If you call they can fax or email the other options, such as beer and mixed drink packages available for room delivery. The wine list had some named bottles available for various prices and also a $14 host;s choice sort of thing where you request a white or a red and they will deliver whatever they have available or whatever workd with your meal in the dining room.


There are several threads at boards.cruisecritic.com on the HAL forum where members have posted prices for liquor, beer, wine, drinks & in-room mini-bar contents.