dsny vs rccl as clean and maintained?



We cruised for the first time last year on the wonder. Typical of disney the ship was immaculate, trash picked up before it hit the ground. The ship was painted and cared for every day in port. Disney island is raked and picked up every day. Wonder how rccl and princess compare? I was shocked to see people just drop their paper cups on the beach and their towels on the pool floor expecting people to pick up after them...:(


Haven't done Disney, but have been to private Islands belonging to NCL, RCCI, HAL, and Princess. I assure you that these private Islands are the showcase for the individual cruiselines mentioned and hence, are kept immaculate. As for the ships themselves, I believe that you could eat off the floor, especially HAL.


We were on the Carnival Triumph to Canada during her first summer sailing from New York City to Canada when my friend was on one of the inside decks near the stores when he saw a young girl spit out her chewing gum on the floor and he went over and told her to pick it up when the snot told him to get lost and he said to her where do you think you are on the streets of New York City,he told her,go pick it up and she did.

I wonder if some people do these things in their homes....I think not...no wonder we as Americans have the title of being the " Ugly Americans",think about it. If we only did what some cultures in the rest of the world do.


Where were her parents!? If my son ever tried that - and, BELIEVE ME, he knows better - but if he ever tried it, he would be standing the rest of the trip, cuz his butt would be too sore to sit.



Way to go Diz, that is the problem. Most parents today don't do it.
My 6 year old grandson got the message this weekend. He is a doll, but he pushed Nana & Papa too far. He knows better now.