dual trip report odam 3/21-3/28 part 2 long



Part 2
Neptune Lounge:

Lougee1043: A nice uncrowded hideaway --- always a nice variety of items available depending on the time of day ---gary and Rachel were of great help if you had a question or needed a last minute excursion ---they seemed to always have the answer and were very efficient. Imo the Europeans just seemed more interested in getting done with their shift with the least effort-- rather then make several trips back and forth from the cabin I asked one of them if there was a tray and was told that there wasn’t any ..so I got the basket that the laundry is delivered in and used that -- a while later I suggested to gary that there should be a few trays available and he suggested that I ask the steward for one and I told him that I had and had been informed that there were none-gary disappeared for a second and returned with one – that was the only negative thing that occurred in the Neptune

RandyK47: Not much to say here since we were in a SS category cabin. There have been other threads asking if this category got any specific considerations similar to the S or PS category rooms. The answer is simple….no, at least not things like access to the Neptune Lounge, priority tender passes, or special embarkation/disembarkation privileges. We had robes and personalized stationary. Nice but no big deal. Having been a full suite passenger on previous cruises I'd say it comes down to economics and an individual desire for a large stateroom. Can't say I felt like I missed much but certainly wouldn't have turned an upgrade down if offered. By the way, there were apparently no upgrades, at least at this level, offered on our cruise. There were signs at the check-in that announced that the cruise was sold out and that there would be no upgrades.

Half moon cay:

Lougee1043: Tendered ashore and we got a ride to our cabana ---we had blue and imo that was the one that was closest to the tenders –activities – restrooms and the food---we were given a ride to the cabana and when we got there –it was occupied by 6 people that simply wandered in because they got there before we did – the driver asked them to leave and they did so-
In our cabin was the cabana acknowledgement and the list we could beverages from – there was also beer on that list that I did not recall seeing on the cc board posts.â€â€there was fresh vegetables and dips as well as fresh fruit –the cabana has a misting shower- a regular shower a/c and a fanâ€â€we invited all of the people we met on the cc board to drop in and have a beer or something –so we had company all day and that was really nice- there was no followup from anyone during the day and we really didn’t need anyoneâ€â€some guy came walking up while there were five or 6 of us sitting around and asked it he could use the shower –couldn’t think of a diplomatic way to say no ---telling him that we payed for the privilege of having our own shower seemed to be a bit short so I said yes and we all sat around watching this stranger take a shower------------wrote down the colors of the other cabanas in order of closeness to all activities but I cant find it –I think orange was next and that pink was somewhere further down the line -----will try to rent one again on the next trip –one of the people that we met on line also booked a cabana and hal screwed up because the cabana was occupied when she got there and everyone’s documents were in order- so she left and spoke to the people on board and they refunded her money for the cabana –sent her a bottle of champagne and gave her all the excursions that she wanted to book at the next 3 ports for free ---now that’s customer service

RandyK47: Half Moon Cay was beautiful this trip. This is the third time we've been there and really enjoyed ourselves. Have to thank Lougee for a lot of that as we kind of camped out at their cabana for 99% of the time. The company was great and we enjoyed getting to know Lou and Jan better.

Sea day:

Lougee1043: Passed uneventfully except for both of us to go down and see the doctor who prescribed some antibiotics

RandyK47: A very nice sea day spent mostly relaxing at the aft pool chatting with new friends.

Room service:

Lougee1043: Jan had dinner in the room 3 nites in a row in order to be as well rested for the shore days-every meal delivered either had something missing or on one occasion was delivered with 2 different entrees and then another order showed up about 30 minutes later ---anything that was missing was promptly replaced –one nite the order was delivered and the waiter said he didn’t bring the dessert because he didn’t want it to melt-asked when he should deliver it and he showed up on time with a dessert that had not started melting --- thought that was service above and beyond

RandyK47: We used room service for early breakfast every morning….really my wife's required coffee transfusion each morning. Simply mark on a card what you want the next morning, the time you want it and hang it the outside door. Just make sure you mark exactly what you want and how many of each. One morning I marked a "2" for breakfast rolls, assuming that since the bottom of the form asks how many people in the cabin and I'd marked 2 I'd get a total of 4….wrong….got 2. Anyhow, other than my mistake that one morning everything was delivered as requested at the time requested. Good service.