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Dunn's River Falls - questions

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by NboroGirl, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. NboroGirl

    NboroGirl Guest

    I want to visit Dunn's River Falls when we sail in Feb. on Enchantment of the Seas. I am not planning on doing any other sight seeing whie at Ocho Rios, so my question is: What is the best way to JUST do the falls? We want to climb the falls and take some pictures. Should we hire an island guide, or sign up for a ship's tour?

    My other quesitons: I've read that we should wear our bathing suits under our clothes, and that there are lockers (and changing rooms?) inside the park at the falls. Do we wear just our bathing suits, and aqua shoes or sneakers, and leave our clothes in the lockers? How wet do you get? Will our shoes get soaked, so it would be better to bring aqua shoes? then after climbing the falls, do we change into our dry clothes and carry our swimsuits and towels with us?

  2. deansenecal

    deansenecal Guest

    Hi NboroGirl,
    Gee I am surprised no one has answered your question. Most ships will have several different ways of getting to the falls. You can take a taxi but we don't like this approach. We like to keep it nautical. We prefer to take a Catamaran called "Cool Runnings." They will transport you to the falls. You get off, bring your cameras. A guide will meet your group and get everyone walking up the falls. It is boy - girl - boy - girl. They don't go for that funny stuff in Jamaica. Your guide will take your camera. They are very good and will know how to use it. There will be spots were they will have you fall into the water in the deeper areas, and they will take pictures of it. Honest, these are some of the best shots I have. They make sure everyone makes it up the falls and then when you reach the top everyone gets out and tips the guide. They have a walkway next to the falls that you take back down to the beach. The catamaran will be there shortly to pick you up so you don't have a lot of time to play in the surf but you can if you like. The sand has a slight pink color to it from the crushed shells. The catamaran will supply rum and punch, the beer is one dollar. They will play music and get everyone dancing while they go back to the ship. Lots of fun.

    Now about wearing dry cloths with your suit under it. WHY? You are on vacation. The ship is about 20 minutes away. Just wear your suit. Everyone else will be wearing theirs. If there are waves the day you go you WILL get wet on the catamaran. When you are on small boats you should always wear water shoes for your own safety.
    Lockers are available but the guide usually works with another person who will watch your stuff for you while you are climbing.
    Hope this helps.
  3. goin afloat

    goin afloat Guest

    does anyone know the name of a tour that does tubing and the falls .. would appreciate any info going in July on the Mariner
  4. linmil

    linmil Guest

    We just returned from our cruise that stopped in Ocho Rios. We booked privately with Phil Lafayette (he has his own website) and he took us tubing and to Dunns River Falls. He does an excellent job of giving you some history, culture, horticulture, a peek at Mick Jagger's home, awesome photo stops and all this with an incredible sense of humour. He called ahead to the tubing place to ensure we go the best guides, he advised us where to go and not if you wanted to avoid vendors. He is extremely professional and knowledgable. He nicknames everyone on his tour, he sings and is just funny. Ocho Rios was the highlight for us this cruise because of this tour. It is less expensive and you are VERY well looked after. Highly recommended. Hope this helps.
  5. DarrellC

    DarrellC Guest

    I agree with most of the above people. Phil Lafayette has an excellent reputation for his tours. Check the cost of the catamaran tour, we didn't do it, but it looked fun.
    As far as clothes go, wear your bathing suits and water shoes the whole time. You will get soaked at the falls as well as on a catamaran. In the Jamaican sun you'll dry pretty quick. All you need to take with you is your ship passcard and a little money for shopping. Buy a $5 waterproof holder and your stuff in there. It worked for me just fine. Stay away from the taxi's and don't worry about people bothering you if you stay on the beaten path.
  6. Lor

    Lor Guest

    Are you folks saying to simply walk around all of Jamaica in your bathing suit & water shoes? And you will dry in the sun anyway. If so, maybe hubby can take a T-shirt to put in locker then cover from the sun after the falls & wife might want shorts or sarong???
  7. beals273

    beals273 Guest

    We are sailing on the Carnival Triumph in May and were thinking of doing the mini-boat adventure w/ the falls. I have phobia about heights and wasn't sure after watching the video if I could handle it. Any thoughts would be appreciated and also if anyone has done this excursion
  8. spoheating

    spoheating Guest

    Heights are not my thing, I have trouble in glass elevators for Pete's sake. But I did the falls and never even thought about it. Also about the swim suit thing: we did the falls with the bus and left our coverups on it. I would not go around Jamaica in just a swim suit unless I was staying by the water. The Jamaican women working in shops even had hosery on. Respect their culture a bit. If I had to pick between the falls and river tubing I would go with the tubing. The falls are cool, but not my personal favorite. I guess they are considered a must do in Ocho.
  9. TJman74

    TJman74 Guest

    I did the Dunn's River Falls, White River tubing and sight-seeing Tour with Peat Taylor. It was awesome we all enjoyed it and the price was great. They didn't offer this combination on the ship's tour so we had to book with a local tour operator. We made it to the Falls ahead of the crowd, Peat Gave some little helpful tips about the waterfalls which made everything a lot easier. After the Falls we went for some sight-seeing by the Fern gully which was very beautful and then a drive through a real jamaican village. While going along Peat informed us the island and kept us entertained by singing some of the local songs. After sight-seeing we went over to the white river for the tubing a must do excursion. Tubing on the river was great we had a guide called George he also did a wonderful Job. I highly recommend the Peat Taylor Tour. Here is a link to his website:
  10. freckles1063

    freckles1063 Guest

    I actually wore a swimsuit that looked more like a swim dress, but i wore it all day along with my aqua shoes. There are lockers that you must use to put any belongings in. If you dont have your own shoes you have to rent them. The tour guides will hold your cameras and take pictures for you if you would like.
    You can avoid getting soaked if 1. you don't fall and 2. your guide doesn't show you the "slide" and push you down it..haha..
    I was drenched but still had a wonderful time.
  11. robertjones

    robertjones Guest

    I did the Dunn River falls excursion when I sailed on the Carnival Liberty. It was a fabulous experience, even though I did get cut when I fell on one of the rocks! :D Swim suits are fine, but I would suggest a cover up for exiting the falls if you expect to do some more sightseeing. I would not ever consider going on my own in Jamaica...from what I experienced...even on the ship's excursion...the people there are very pushy and rude...so much so that I don't plan ever to go to Jamaica again. But I would do it once just to say I've been there!
  12. npct6605

    npct6605 Guest

    do you have the website info? We did this previously with a ship tour but I'd like a different experience. More relaxed.
  13. robertjones

    robertjones Guest

  14. Mmketeer

    Mmketeer Well-Known Member

    I absolutly reccomend Phil as well. It's just not Jamaica to me anymore without a trip with Phil. It's so convient to leave all your stuff on his van while your out doing your excurison like Dunn Falls and it's completly safe. ;)
  15. Nelhea

    Nelhea Active Member

    More Dunn's River Questions.

    I will be travelling to Ocho Rios for the first time in September on Carnival Liberty. This thread has already given me a ton of info-thanks! I do have a couple of questions if anyone can helo answer them though.

    Should I take a waterproof camera, or is it ok to take my normal camera for the guide to use to take pictures?
    Is there a fee to use the lockers to put your towel and cover up in?
    Is there a certain amount we should tip our guide?
    My mom, aunt and uncle are hoping to climb the falls with us and their ages range from 58-68, but they are all in fairly good physical condition, do you think they will have any trouble on the falls? Is there an easier way for them to get up rather than climbing the rocks themselves if they do have trouble?

    Thanks for the help!

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