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Dunn's River Falls

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by uuleret, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. uuleret

    uuleret Guest

    I need recommendations for our shore excursions on our cruise this weekend on RCCL's Mariner of the Seas. I did not prepay any shore excursions from RCCL this time, as I did that last year and it was $$$.

    Ocho Rios / Dunn's River Falls:
    Thinking of taking a taxi ourselves (husband and I) to the Dunn's River Falls, how much and how long each way? Is it safe? Will there be tour vendors at the port offering cheaper tours? Has anybody tried them?

    We did the stingray excursion last time; any suggestions for a nice beach, restaurants and shopping.

    Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. herb

    herb Guest

    There is a private tour operator, PEAT TAYLOR, whom we chose on our last visit to Ocho Rios. He did a marvelous job of showing us the island as well as dropping us off at Dunns River Falls. The price of the tour was very little compared to what the ship was offering. Entrance to Dunns River Falls was included in price.
    PEAT TAYLOR does have a website but I do not recall it anymore. He is VERY popular due to all the people on the message boards giving him high marks... therefore he sells out quickly.
    I myself would highly recommend his services.

    Cannot help you with Cozumel since we took ship's excursion to Xcaret on the mainland.
  3. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    Yes, use Peat Taylor. We used him in April '04. We were the first ones to the Falls. By the time we left, the line was very, very long to get in. We basically had the whole place to ourselves!
  4. herb

    herb Guest

  5. uuleret

    uuleret Guest

    Thanks! I made reservations with Peat for the Ocho Rios Tour.
  6. herb

    herb Guest

    you won't regret it....he is VERY reliable. Enjoy the day in Jamaica with Peat. :)
  7. headvaser

    headvaser Guest

    Suggestions for all who visit Dunn's River Falls. We enjoyed the falls but here are a couple of things to keep in mind. We suggest you not take your expensive cameras if you intend to go up the falls. The guides at the falls are friendly and will offer to carry your cameras for you up the falls and hand them to you when you want to take pictures. Even though they are more sure footed that the average tourist, we saw one accidentally fall into the water with a guests camera and allthough he was very apologetic I doubt if that camera ever worked again. Take one of these inexpensive water proof cameras that you can buy on the boat ( or buy a few at your local Wal Mart store before you go ). Of course you can carry your own expensive camera with you as I did while you go up the falls. I had no problem keeping it out of the water, but had I slipped I probably would have ruined my camera. Even though I had no problem , I probably would have enjoyed my climb up the falls more if I wasn't worrying so much about my camera.

    Item 2: There is a large area near the falls and near the parking lot with lots of vendors. They have some wonderful things, but your tour guide will probably warn you to not stop and just go around this area all together.... or if you go through this area.... do not stop. This is a real shame, because there are items I saw that I would have loved to have looked at , but they are extremely agressive at the Dunns River falls vendor area. Such a shame. As we walked though there , they kept shoving stuff in our hands, trying to stear us into their booths etc... No problem, though if you just go around this entire area on a paved street. I am used to places where they bug you to death, but the vendor areas at Dunns River Falls is the absolute worst I have ever seen and we have been to many places in the Caribean.

    I still strongly suggest the Falls, just keep these couple of items in mind.
  8. Good ideas, thanks for passing them along. I am going there in December. Do you advise wearing water shoes there? I was able to find a pair this late in summer, but I can't find any reasonably priced for my husband. We are going on a Princress ship excursion..
  9. LindaInCT

    LindaInCT Guest

    Definately bring your water shoes!! Flip-flops or old sneakers won't do the trick. The rocks are very slippery. Is there a Walmart near you? THey are only like $6, but they might be put away for the winter by now... You can buy them at the falls for $20.
  10. NYCchic

    NYCchic Guest

    Can someone tell me how far Dunns River Falls is from where the cruise ships dock?

    Also - how long does it usually take to climb the falls. I'm just trying to figure out what I can fit in after I do this...I'd like to go have lunch and hang out at Margaritaville...is that in walking distance to the cruise ships or can I take a taxi back to the ship?

  11. herb

    herb Guest

    You can see Margaritaville from the ship :grin

    Dunn's River Falls you need a cab. I would say approx. 30 min. ride. Since I went on a tour and it was one of the stops I can't vouch for the exact time from pier to Falls.
  12. NYCchic

    NYCchic Guest

    great - thanks!

    i will def. book my own tour to dunns river falls like so many people on these boards recommend...

    then i'll just head to margaritaville on my own once i'm back at the ship!

  13. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Count me in for another vote for Peat Taylor. We took his tour last September and we love him. He was very knowledgeable and we felt very safe.

    I also agree with LindaInCT about the water shoes. I know they still have them at WalMart here in Phoenix and I also saw them at Target the other day. My DB did get away with just wearing Teva sandals...but I think he got lucky. I knew someone who went in just sandals and she split her foot open. No fun.

    I'd also recommend picking up a cheap under water camera for the day. There is no way I'd take my real camera there!
  14. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    It takes about 40 minutes to climb the falls, as they are about 300-400 people climbing them during the peak season. The unfortunate thing is that you have to hold hands with the person behind and in front of you to form a train; I twisted by wrist after a woman behind me tripped over a rock.
  15. hyperose

    hyperose Guest

    I have used Trevor Hudlin tours (just recently 10/6/2004) and highly recommend him as well. It was far less than the cruise ship and we had are very own personalized private tour. We went to dunns rivers as part of it. One thing about cameras, if you have a private tour guide (i.e. not a cattle carred group from a cruise) he will carry your things for you up the falls and take pictures of as you go. I did not have a single issue with my camera or prescription sunglasses when we did this (just tip generously if you have a private tour up the falls). Trevor was our tour guide around Jamaica, and Pete Boswell was our guide up the falls. We had a wonderful day.

    Margaritaville in MoBay is currently not in business. It was demolished in Ivan.

    Trevor Hudlin's email: trevorhudlin@hotmail.com

    I wrote a long post about our day on 10/19 under this message board. Email me if you have questions at hyperose@yahoo.com

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