E has turned a NEW Leaf!!!



or perhaps I should say ... Turned down a New Leaf. as a 50th B-Day present I gave myself the ultimatum of going Smoke Free and its been 3+ weeks since with NO withdrawal issues at all. So next time Y'All see me on a cruise ship U will NOT have to worry about seeing me scoot out for one of the smoke fixes. :thumb I think red prefers the smoke free version also ... although she NEVER bugged me about the issue :couple



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Congratulations my friend!!

I'm like a lot of others here. I managed to quit more years ago than I remember now :grin ! My little story goes like this! We are living in Calgary. We are having a blizzard. I am out of smokes. I ask DH to go and get me some cigarettes. He says, "Not on your life. There is no way I'm going out in this!" My response, "Well then I might as well quit." I never had another cigarette. I had no withdrawl issues either...I did gain more than a couple of pounds though! :grin


Super proud of you! Keep up the good work! Bob stopped cold turkey after a 2 pack a day habit and has never looked back....keep walkin'!


GOOD JOB!! This December 31st will be 8 years for me... cold turkey here too, never missed it. We started cruising not too long after that WITH ALL THE MONEY WE SAVED NOT GOING UP IN SMOKE! More Frozen Thingies! WIN-WIN!!!:thumb


Woo-hoo!! It has been over 7 years for me and I've not smoke one single, solitary cigarette. I smoked for 30 years before quitting and I will never smoke again. E, if I can do it, you can too!! Good luck and remember that you have a lot of support in helping you to succeed in this new life change. :)

red stripe

In defence of Einsteins smoking... I have to say that he was the most considerate smoker I have ever know.. and this from a Respiratory Therapist. :lol

he NEVER smoked in his (or your..) home... he NEVER smoked in any cabin on any ship.. he would always walk out onto the Promenade deck on the smoking side.. to get his fix.
So in actual fact.. it took a few days for me to even know he was quiting :grin

I told him years ago that I would not nag him, but that with my background.. I hoped that one day he would quit. But that was it. I know all too well that NO smoker can quit until he/her are ready to quit.. nagging will only prolong the issue :lol

no matter what.. I love you Einstein.


Good for you E. It really is a nasty habit and I'm a smoker. I hate to see pics of me with a cigg.

Mike quit 4 weeks ago now and it starting to get his sense of taste and smell back. He did it the forced way with 3 weeks in the hospital. He doesn't have the urge for the tobacco now, but it is a hard habit to break, he keeps reaching in his pocket.

I'm right behind you guys, as soon as I get my legs back beneath me, I'm quitting also.

Great Job! X(

The Cruiser

Congrats E. :thumb Now, if I just could kick the habit. In the past I quit cold turkey, but don't ask me why I started again.


Congrats on the beginning of the rest of your life......a longer one!!! Having never been a smoker, I can't say I know personally how difficult it is, but I know a few people that just can't quit........so GOOD JOB, E!

Red, I have stopped nagging those 2......my youngest daughter & DH and her stepmother.....the ONLY smokers in our family. I thought if I didn't harp on it that MAYBE one day they will.


Great news, E! Your body will thank you every day. It's probably more fun for red to kiss you now too!

I have never smoked, er, tobacco. Tried it as a teen, never got into it. Actually, I remember the day I lit my first and last cigarette, because as I ground it out and said, "This is disgusting, I'll never smoke" a guy I can't remember said, "You'll never forget this day, because the date is 2/4/68." It was, and I never have.