E has turned a NEW Leaf!!!



Thanx EVERYONE for the kind words and encouragement. :thumb I also probably a a few pounds added on but its tough to tell whether its from the cruise food or not. :grin For those of U that have quit a BIG congrats and for those of U in the midst of an effort to quit my BEST regards as it NOT an east task unless the mind is set to it. After 30+ years its an adjustment that will be ongoing but I am sure my chore was a bit easier since I was never a HEAVY smoker and usually only smoked about 1/2 a pack a day of the ultra light variety menthols. Those peppermint and wintermint Altoids do tend to give me my quiet menthol fix but my drumming of a pencil on the desk is probably a bit more annoying for those in my work environment. :grin



Congrats !!! Its has been 20 years since I stop smoking!! Its been hard but well worth it.
With my heart condition I would probably be dead now!!. I wish You all the best!! See you in FEB


Congrats. I truly admire all of you who have quit and not started again. I have been smoking since I was
16 yo (td) (td) I was having what I thought were "heart problems" for a few years, finally went to a dr. and after all the extensive (and EXPENSIVE) tests he discovered my heart was FINE but my lungs were shot from smoking. I wasn't getting enough 02 to my heart which was causing my symptoms. Right there I decided to quit and went on Chantix. This was right before our cruise last Jan. I "allowed" myself one cig after my morning coffee and that was it. A "little treat." So I went off the meds since I was "cured." Lasted for 3 months and for SOME REASON I went right back to smoking a fulll pack/day. I wake up every morning promising myself I will quit that day...maybe all your success stories will be my motivation. Plus I am going to have a grandson AND a granddaughter in a few months :grin I remember how much BETTER food tasted when I wasn't smoking, and the freedom of actually walking a couple of blocks without being out of breath. I hope you are experiencing these signs, E. Take my advice: DO NOT even THINK of buying a pack of cigs. :nono Good luck and keep up the good work! Very proud of you! :thumb :thumb

red stripe

Karry, I hope that you will one day decide to toss away those smokes.. But I know all too well what a great hold it has on most people.

Breaking any kind of habit is a real chore.. and my hat is off to all that manage to do so. And my encouragement to those who at least try.


I am proud of you E, Good work! And congrats to all the rest of you who have quit.

My lungs are shot, and I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. BUIT my DH smoked the first 10 years we were married, and my parents smoked 2 packs a day while I was growing up. Coincidence???

Jill B

Good for you E!!! We think about quitting from time to time; just not ready yet.

So I guess we will not see you for a hearty chat and laugh at the Leper Colony.


I am absolutely estatic to hear the great news Mr E. FANTABULOUS news! My "2nd" birthday is 1 August 1995. After smoking for 15 years, I am almost 15 years as an ex-smoker. I truly hope you don't put on too many extra "munchy" pounds like I did. I wish you well my friend. If you need support, I am just a phone call away . . . . .


Great news!!! No withdrawals symptoms even without nicorette gum, lozenges etc. to help you?? .... Lucky you! :)


Congrats! I think it was 8 years ago when I quit cold turkey - out of frustration. The girls were in H.S. and I tossed a whole pack out the window. They thought their mom was having a breakdown. :lol

I know you've been wanting to do this E. Good for you!! And I bet Red is thrilled! :D


The Cruiser said:
Congrats E. :thumb Now, if I just could kick the habit. In the past I quit cold turkey, but don't ask me why I started again.
TC - I used the Cooper-Clayton program the last time I quit. I had tried the patches and cold turkey before. This program is what finally got me through. It was nice being with others for 12 weeks going through the same thing as I was. http://www.stopsmoking4ever.org/ Maybe they have one in your area? It is offered here Free at our hospitals.

Good luck!!


Congrats E, and keep up the good work! You'll make it!

Another smoking story...23 years ago when all my older brothers/sisters (and families) smoked, my neice's little two-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The whole gang made a pact that they would all quit smoking, for the child to live. Well, today, she is 24 years old, having been through cancer, two kidney transplants, and other issues. She is doing very well right now, and none of the ex-smokers has had a cig. since!


:thumb Way to go E! We are proud of you....now if I could bet my DD Jenny to give it up again. :mad


Congrats E!!!!!!
Much more money for cruises now!!!!!!
Thats what got me the most was burning up all that money.


Thats great news E. Keep up the good work! all that spare cash for more cruises! and the health to enjoy them.

Cruise cutie

Congratulations Jim, we are so proud of you too..Mark quit cold turkey (again) the year before we dated/ married .. and since 3 of our 5 kids are asthma afflicted.., and myself if I'm bronchitis sick.plus if around smoke I get Migraines..comes from 2 parents with a 3-4 PACK a day habit.. and after DD Cynthia was born 27 years ago,,they tossed them GONE..Bless all who have quit them and you... . it's the only thing that will work.. and I am working on Golden' J behind the scenes..because if Michael can quit ANYONE can..=eek..
keep the faith !! and stay strong..Mark put some pounds on, but as his MD said..losing weight is a whole lot easier than trying to grow new lungs..:(..and he battles the pounds gone with me.. HUGE =hugs Joanne and Mark..