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earliest check in for EOS?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by JeanMarie, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. JeanMarie

    JeanMarie Guest

    What is the earliest you can check in to the pier for Explorer? We are Crown and Anchor Gold and have a B suite. I know we probably can't get on the ship until 11:30, but just wondering when they open the counters. Anyone know?
  2. Jlynd

    Jlynd Guest

    It depends on how soon they get everyone else off. We arrived at 12:30 last week and they were already boarding. This was our first RCCL cruise and we were in our cabin by 1:30.
  3. JeanMarie

    JeanMarie Guest

    Thanks Jlynd. Lots of folks were getting on at 11:30 a couple of weeks ago. Did you notice if there was a separate counter for concierge suites?
  4. Jlynd

    Jlynd Guest

    We did not have a suite and we are not Crown & Anchor members so I was not looking for these things but it seems like there was a check in area for C & A in the first waiting area and there was a seperate counter in the second waiting area but I don't remember whether it said it was for C & A or suites or both. We had to wait in all of the lines and we were still in our cabin within an hour of arriving at the pier. There was never a line at the special counter so I am sure you will get on in no time!! I hope this helps!
  5. JeanMarie

    JeanMarie Guest

    Thanks so much for the info!
  6. rccl fan

    rccl fan Guest

    I sailed on The Explorer of the Seas and was the first to board the ship at around 11:15. I am a diamond Crown and Anchor Member and yes, they always have a seperate line for Crown and Anchor Members. It all depends on how fast they turn around the ship in. Once, I boarded a Royal Caribbean International ship at 10:30 A.M.

  7. Starting at about 10am there will be at least 30 people waiting to check in outside security. They started letting us through on my 9/7 cruise at about 10:30. Diamond/Platinum C&A's were called first. Then A & B suites. After that, it is by row starting from the section on the left (if you are facing the security people). I had a B and wanted to uprade to an A, and got the cabin I wanted, because I was one of the first people through. We were told we would not board until after 12:30, but the ship cleared early and we were on board around 11:45.
  8. JeanMarie

    JeanMarie Guest

    Just returned from 9/14 cruise. We did not board until 12:45 even though we were there at 10:00AM, they sent us to another line with the person in our party with wheelchair. They should not have done that we came to find out later. Had a category B suite and it was awesome. Our cabin steward however was just awful. Did just the bare minimum and did not even know his name until 4 days into cruise.

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