El Yunque Rain Forest San Juan -- what to wear?



Hi all. Any suggestions for what we should wear for a tour of El Yunque Rain Forest? I've already got the light windbreaker/rainjackets packed, but concerned about footwear and if shorts or pants are preferable. We'll be in the rain forest from approximately 3:30 - 5:00 pm. Thx!

Krazy Kruizers

We did it many years ago in the summer when it was very hot and humid. We wore shorts and I put rain ponchos (the portable ones) in DH's back pack. we there for for about 3 hours. We also put on DEET.


We've done it twice and wore shorts & polo or T-shirts. It did'nt rain on us and we didn't have any insect problems. It's not like the Amazon but is pretty. Got some good iguana pictures. Hope you get Angel as a bus driver/tour guide. He is good.


Bug repellent, body armor and an IPod... :)

The bug repellent is obvious...
The body armor is to protect you from being bruised as you are jostled by the crowds...
And the IPod is for a little entertainment lest you get bored...

Seriously, we took this tour in 1999 while on the Grandeur of the Seas and were EXTREMELY disappointed...
My wife was expecting some movie version of a rain forest...like you see in movies about the Amazon--with parrots and and giant lizards and all manner of animal and plant life...with strange ferns and running waterfalls...
And this was nothing like that...
We live in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains here in So Cal...and if I walk 100 yards behind my house, I'm in vegetation almost as thick and a little more varied...and with about 20 times the wildlife...Hey, we've got Coyotes and Mountain lions, deer and Raccoons, possums and rabbits and lizards, frogs, snakes, mice and several types of wild birds...All we ever saw in our trip to the El Yunke were gnats and flies...

The bus ride to and from was long...and once we got there, they unloaded us and several other buses onto an overcrowded footpath loop where we LITERALLY continually tripped over the feet of those in front of and behind us...then back on the bus...

Your time in san Juan would be better spent in Old San Juan, visiting the Morro Castle and Fort San Cristobal...There's more wildlife at the Bacardi Rum Factory...

Of course, that's only MY opinion, your experience may differ...


Thank you for the answers so far.

Duh...bug spray... I bought some, but forgot to pack it. Thank you for the reminder!

Steve, I appreciate your comments greatly... yet this is our 4th or 5th time in San Juan (I forget) and we've done the forts, Old San Juan, shopping, etc. I agree that the forts are spectacular. One nice thing about our 2:00 pm arrival time is that I'm looking forward to standing on deck as we approach San Juan, as those imposing forts come into view.

So -- what do you all think about footwear? I'm guessing that closed shoes are essential, but are sneakers/walking shoes OK, or do I need something with more traction?


I took the tour about 15 years ago to kill time before flying home. We wore shorts and gymshoes. It's an ok tour and worth doing if killing time. It's more of a botanical type of tour and the rainforest is no different than what you see on some of the other carribean islands.


Lisa, we used to live in San Juan, and have been to the rain forrest many times. Sneakers should work just fine as long as they have some traction to them. There can be some slippery places. True, you are not going to see snakes hanging from vines or see monkeys or birds, as there are very few parrots on the island, but you will see some beautiful wild orchids, huge leaves, a much cooler temp, and of course some waterfalls. It is a nice outing. We used to go up to escape the heat of the city. Be sure and look for the dolphins beside the ship as you come in to port. We used to stand at the fort and watch the dolphins play at the bow and along side when the ships were entering or leaving.