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Elation Cruisers -- list your date!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cruizintexas, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. cruizintexas

    cruizintexas Guest

    Oct. 3 -10, 2004 Can't wait!!
  2. lyssad311

    lyssad311 Guest

    july 18-25!!!
  3. stimo

    stimo Guest

    July 25-Aug 1 It's almost here!!
  4. Aliciask

    Aliciask Guest

    August 22nd ..
    Getting more excited every day!

    Alicia in WA
  5. Grayce

    Grayce Guest

    September 19th, 2004. I can't wait!!!!
  6. tricktsm

    tricktsm Guest

  7. 27pisces

    27pisces Guest

    December 12- 19 !!! So very excited, can hardly wait!
  8. Daisyldy3

    Daisyldy3 Guest

    Aug 1st through Aug 8th!! HOOORAAYYYY!!! cruisin down the boulevard.. :D
  9. oldmedic

    oldmedic Guest

    November 28th- The weekend following Thanksgiving.
  10. AndreaC

    AndreaC Guest

    July 25th!!! Almost time to go!!!
  11. terri910

    terri910 Guest

    August 8th-15th!!!

    We're so excited! Still waiting for our docs, though, because of a mess-up with our flights. When we spoke to Carnival yesterday, they said it would be Monday before they would know our flights/schedules!!!

    I think everything will work out fine, though. It would take a lot for me not to be on that ship on August 8th!

    Hey, DaisyLdy3, wave to me when you're leaving the ship, I'll be standing in line waiting to board! I'll be the fluffy little blonde lady that looks sooooo excited!!!
  12. Daisyldy3

    Daisyldy3 Guest

    hey Terri!! I'll be on the lookout when we are all sunburned and tired getting off the ship.. I'll be the little redheaded lady that's going to be exhausted! lolol

    Have fun on your cruise.. not that much longer!!!!!!
  13. PDC

    PDC Guest

    Going on first cruise in over 15 yrs. Will be on the Elation 9/26/04.
  14. lyssad311

    lyssad311 Guest

    1/2 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. cruizintexas

    cruizintexas Guest

  16. Babyblue

    Babyblue Guest

    December 19-26, 2004 AND January 30-February 6, 2005 I know I am nuts
  17. 5/12/02

    Hey, you didn't say anything about future trips only!

    I'm jealous of everyone here, though I do have the Grand to look forward to on 12/4/04. The Elation is my favorite ship, you guys take care of her until I can get back! ;)
  18. bulldog

    bulldog Guest

    Got my documents today for 8/15/04. Going with my son(28) and daughters(26,22). Never been on Carnival but thought they might enjoy more than RCL., went on the Rapsody last year. Can't wait.
  19. dmdiver

    dmdiver Guest

    august 8-15. see you there, terri910!
  20. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Hoping that I can be on this list offically for the 3/20/2005 cruise. Will know by the end of 8/2004

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