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Elation Cruisers -- list your date!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cruizintexas, Jul 16, 2004.

  1. fastbysean

    fastbysean Guest

    see you on the 1/30 cruise
  2. 8/15/2004

    Already losing sleep!
  3. jazziewoman

    jazziewoman Guest

    Aug. 15th as well....I can't wait!!!!
  4. Cindyrella

    Cindyrella Guest

    Thinking about booking this ship for spring break 2005. Never cruised before will have 2 teen girls with us. It would be great if some of you that are traveling soon could write trip reports. Anyone else have insight on this ship for me?? BTW, so glad I found this site!
  5. tbremel

    tbremel Guest

    January 23-30, 2005 with WCLO Radio -- 88 of us on the way!!!
  6. terri910

    terri910 Guest

    Happy sailing to all future passengers of the Elation....our trip was great!
  7. jules _prl

    jules _prl Guest

    9-12! 19 days!!!!
  8. bgg

    bgg Guest

    March 13, 2005

    And I'm the only one on the ship so far!
  9. dancer006

    dancer006 Guest

    Oct.31st! Starting to get excited only 59 days to go!
  10. cruisegirl

    cruisegirl Guest

    Looking forward to our December 12 cruise on the Elation - again. We sailed last Thanksgiving, also.

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