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"Elation" Food Question

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Pughaven2003, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Pughaven2003

    Pughaven2003 Guest

    We will be setting sail with the Elation sometime within the next year. I understand that most of the food is included in the price of our tickets. My question is which food do you have to pay for and which is included? The Pizza bar? Snack Bars? Room Service?.We are trying to be well prepared for how much $$$ to take. We are first time cruisers and extremely excited about our trip. I have been reading all and anything I can get my hands on about so any tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks to all and happy cruisin!
  2. PDC

    PDC Guest

    All meals in the dining room, Tiffanys, room service, ice cream, snack, pizza, and sushi bar are free. Enjoy!
  3. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    Above poster is correct.
  4. Pastries and desserts at the Musical Cafe (coffee bar) are extra, but all other food on the Elation is inclusive.

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