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"Elation" Sept. 18, 2005

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by turkeyman, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    I've put a roll call out once before, and I'm doing it again. What's happening? On my previous cruises there were always tons of folks going the same week we were. Is the ship not very full, and we're going to have it all to ourselves? Let's hear it for the "height of the storm season cruisers!"
  2. rraus

    rraus Guest

    We are sailing Sept 25th.....
  3. keke1

    keke1 Guest

    Hubby and I are still cruising the Elation week of 9-18. I keep checking back too to see if there are others sailing. Must not be many cruise-addicts reading the boards. Either that or your right, an empty ship all to ourselves........... Sorry, I know you're looking for responses from other than those that have responded before.
  4. rraus

    rraus Guest

    we'll have the whole ship to ourselves and get an upgrade to suite hehehe
  5. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Keke1, no, still glad to hear you all are still going. We're really starting to get "antsy" now. Just concentrate on keeping the storms away. Don't want anything to spoil the trip. Keep in touch

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