Elliott Update


Forever Remembered
Let's please keep our friend, Elliott, in our thoughts and prayers. Seems there may be something serious going on with his liver. Several blood tests have now come back unsatisfactory. A liver biopsy is being done on Monday.

For Elliott's sake, and for Cindy and Dan, let's hope it's yet another false alarm and all will be well.


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I do hope this is a false alarm. That young man has been thru so much and deserves an uneventful senior year. Prayers on the way.


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Sending positive wishes that this turns out to be nothing serious. Waiting for these tests & the results is so stressful.


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Prayers are already on the way, and I'm hoping for better news. It may be a form of the Graft vs Host affliction that is causing his rash. We see that often in our BMT patients.