Elliott's 18th Birthday



This was a day we were not sure we would ever see. And now it is around the corner, December 3rd. I am asking anyone who is interested, to please send him a birthday card. 18 is a big deal and if you know Elliott's story, it is a huge deal for all of us. No one, least of all a child, should have had to live the life he was given. But he has and continues to fight. Yesterday alone we were given 270 antibiotic pills(same pill) take just this month alone. If you need our address, check his caringbridge page or pm me. As a mom, I would so appreciate a big outpouring of love for my baby. He has been down in the dumps and is getting very frustrated with the lack of improvement in his life. I am just trying to make him smile.
Thank you and God Bless


You know that you can count on us @ddicts. I am certain that this birthday will be quite special for that young man of yours. Prayers continue...

H2O babe

I had read your caring bridge entry about Elliott's birthday as I get notified on my hotmail each time you add a journal entry. I wrote down December 3rd on a sticky note on my computer and will have a card in the mail to Elliott for his birthday. I am always glad to read your updates when things are going better than they were the day before!


SunFlower Star

Well, now that we have his real world address, we can send the Cowgirls (the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders) over for a visit. Or, would he prefer the Sweedish Bikini Team?