Elliottsmama's final Caring Bridge entry


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Sunday, April 10th will mark the first anniversary of Elliott's death. God rest him. Here is Cindy's final Caring Bridge journal entry:

This is my favorite picture and will be my final entry.

Monday, December 3rd, 1990 my beautiful son Elliott was born. He was early, small and had trouble breathing and eating. We had a few days were we almost lost him before he even had a chance to make a difference. And make a difference he did. Not only did he change mom and dads life forever and for the better, he made many friends along the way. I have never met a braver, funnier, more soulful human being in all my life. No one who has met him and many who have not, can forget this extraordinary child. His difficulties made him a forever 12 year old in my heart. He may not physically be here but rest assured, he IS here, with me, all the time. I don't know how I lived before him and really don't know how I am going to keep doing it without him. Elliott, Mom and Dad are the PROUDEST parents that ever were privileged to have a child. You showed bravery and love well beyond your years. You left everyone you touched a better human being and we will ALL miss you until the day we see you again.
Love and Kisse and Pokemon Wishes
Mommy and Daddy

Please don't forget every year on April 10th to light a candle in his honor and never forget all the brave children who have fought and continue to fight for their lives. Please do all you are able to help wipe out Childhood cancer. It is the worst thing your child and family could ever go through.

And on a final note. We have plans for Sunday to keep us busy and have Stephen and Caitie with us to keep us company. I am going to start therapy in a week to help me along as I am struggling but it is my hope that it will do a lot of good. As for Dan and Stephen , they too are hanging in there and we are all here for each other and with the help of our friends, family and of course Elliott, we will be ok.
Thanks to one and all for your years of help, kind words, prayers and friendships. If you want to keep following Dan or I , we are on facebook. You all have made this journey more bearable with your everlasting support.
Thanks so much,
Forever Love
Dan and Cindy


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Thank you Mary Ann for posting that.....Elliott will never be forgotten, nor his parents.......its hard to believe that its almost been a year........I remember when they were so excited to go on their cruise and that Cruise@ddicts helped with extras.......I don't think there is a person still here from that time that would downplay the excitement we all felt when Elliott had that opportunity! I'm glad to see that Cindy is moving forward and seeking some therapy......hope she comes back to Cruise-Addicts from time to time and maybe one day she and Dan will go on another cruise in Elliott's honor? I for one would love to be on one of those cruises to meet them!


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I would love to meet Cindy and Dan, too. What a terrible tragedy they faced. Yes, may they be able to move forward, though they - and we - will never forget.


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What a lovely final post...thanks for bringing it here Mary Ann. I can't even begin to imagine the pain this Cindy and Dan have been through. I do know that Elliott taught me so much in his journey and I believe there will always be a part of him in our lives. God Bless you Cindy & Dan and may Elliott rest in peace.


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Thank you for sharing this with us. I can't believe it's been a year either since Elliot passed away. Rest in peace Elliot. I hope the therapy can help them thru their loss. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child.


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I have been thinking of Elliott lately, and now I know why. Thank you for posting this, Mary Ann. Elliott left footprints on all our hearts, and we all felt his passing.


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I can't believe it has been a year since Elliott passed. Because of reading about Elliott's struggle and other children and adults struggles with cancer I became a member of "Be the Match". I am hoping that I will be able to donate bone marrow or blood cells to help someone beat cancer!

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Thank you for posting! Cindy sure helped us when Nathan has his accident. Elliott was the bravest boy / growing into a man I ever got to cyber know. RIP!


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Count me as one of those that can't believe it has almost been a year as it seems like only yesterday. I remember reading the daily posts regarding Elliott when his health starting failing days before he passed and little by little, his poor body just shut down. He is singing with the angels now and I have no doubt looking out after his mom and dad and trying to fill their void with love.

Even after he passed, I have kept up with Caring Bridge journal entries that Cindy has made. I do hope she will come back here to the board at some point and like others have said......cruise again in Elliott's honor.


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I have been getting all the Caring Bridge entries via private e-mail since Cindy started her blog and am amazed at the courage and grace with which Cindy, Dan and most of all, Elliott displayed. One of the last pictures she posted of him will be forever in my memory. I wish her and Dan peace and comfort. RIP dear Elliott. You taught complete strangers some valuable lessons and every time I see a black bird I will think of you.


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I did not know this was here. Judi told me about Bruce so I came over. Thanks to all of you for the kind words. Living without Elliott is so very very tough but we do not have a choice in this so we keep pushing forward. And we could not have gotten through this at any point without the friends we made along the way. As far as another cruise, it is doubtful as Dan is not making any money and we are just hanging on. I will be thrilled just to be able to keep making the house payments. And I don't think I could go again without him. It was a trip to remember. I will be by from time to time, this you can be sure. Love to all