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Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by BJAlan777, May 4, 2004.

  1. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    > These are way to cool...........................................

    <img src=http://addictscove.com/gallery.php?image=gonecruisin.gif>

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  2. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    anyone else having problems opening the page today? :(
  3. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    yeah.. i just tried to open it, and nothing was happening. pooey.
  4. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    bummer. hopefully it works again soon. I'll have to print out a cheat sheet!

    Thanks for trying :)

  5. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Not working for me either.
  6. It worked ! Thanks!

  7. sherry74

    sherry74 Guest

    Thanks!--- =yeah
  8. Thanks!!!!!!!!!! :cheers
  9. These are great...thanks again!! =bigwave
  10. Just checking to see if this works
  11. bippytrip

    bippytrip Guest

    Code Result

    The new emoticons are a little different and might take some getting used to.
    The emoticons below will all require an = (equal) sign instead of the : (colon) we are
    used to using. Other than that, they are used the same as the ones you have been using.




































































  12. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    Great, thanks... now I'll copy a cheat sheet :grin

  13. okaren

    okaren Guest

    Thanks for the info on these fun little add-ons! As a "newbie" to these boards....I appreciate the info and enjoy the banter between all of you! Have rec'd some helpful tips for our upcoming cruise. It's a high school graduation gift for our son......but we're going too!! Mom & Dad, son and friend, and daughter and cousin....everyone has their own room.......so plenty of "freedom".....and less worries for us because we know their "approximate" where abouts at all times!

    We pick up cruise documents this week at AAA....so might have more questions after that. Preliminary info puts us on Verandah deck....71xx something...we have balcony...girls have adjoining room....and teen boys are down the hall!

    Any tips on shore excursions on Mexican Riviera cruise would be appreciated!

    =docdance They're in! Picking up this week
    =bigwave All 6 of us getting excited!
    =cheerleader Thanks for the great info!
  14. morriscats

    morriscats Guest

    So cute - thank you.

  15. mknych

    mknych Guest

    Thanks works great.
  16. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    Can't believe this message has gotten so many HITS...............

    you people are the BEST............................

    =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave =bigwave
    <img src=http://addictscove.com/gallery.php?image=gonecruisin.gif>

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