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Enchantment Coffee

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by sailingrose, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Bring your own for sure. I too like them in the afternoon and I bring mine along as the ships don't carry them.
  2. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    Well, about a million people have responded to this but I have to as well, because coffee is about the only vice I have left and I guard it jealously. We sailed Rhapsody this summer and my wife and I were simply dismayed at how inexplicably awful the coffee was. And on that boat, there's no special stand at which to buy a decent cup. So you're stuck.

    I'm no coffee snob, but Rhapsody's coffee was sour and acidic. In fact, I was almost impressed at how consistently poor it was, no matter if we were in the Windjammer buffet, the dining room, or poolside. It was like some kind of twisted quality control, ensuring that the coffee was equally wretched throughout the ship.

    We loved our cruise and are planning another, but I too lodged a coffee complaint with RCI and, of course, received the standard form letter in response. But can it be that difficult to serve a decent cup of coffee at sea? Is it the water they use? What's the mystery? It seems to me that coffee is a fairly popular beverage on a cruise ship, and thus having decent java to drink should be a priority for the food and beverage folks.

    Glad to hear there are other RCI ships that have better coffee -- or at least options for accessing some.

    Safe travels!
  3. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    As promised I'm reporting on the status of the coffee.......

    I was phoned by an RCI customer service rep today and she apologized for my experience with the coffee on the Enchantment. As a gesture of good will they offered to refund the cost of my coffee on the ship. I explained to her that I really would prefer that RCI do something about the awful coffee. I didn't write to them for the money, I did it because it was just awful and was hoping they would do something about it. She assured me that they would look into it.

    I hope that RCI takes my complaint seriously and does something about the coffee but I'm thrilled that they cared enough to call me to discuss it. Kudos to RCI for at least caring!
  4. adowning

    adowning Guest

    Good job on getting a response Sailing Rose! Well hopefully they will correct themselves before January when I go on the Enchantment (doubt it), but I can hope! French press.....might try that..don't know what they look like though! Are they smaller than a four pot maker? I really don't want to lug that thing around but I could if I had to. MUST HAVE GOOD COFFEE! lol

    Thanks for all your advice and I may wrack up quite a bill at Seattles Best stand!
  5. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    I was able to purchase a plastic tumbler french press at Barneys. It was about $12.00. Worth it for me.
  6. librarylady

    librarylady Guest

    Can anyone vouch for the coffee on the Adventure? I don't think I can survive without it!!
  7. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    I doubt that you will have any luck with the coffee there either. Reports have been awful about coffee on several ships lately. Try posting a new topic asking if anyone has recently sailed.
  8. Lhwebbie

    Lhwebbie Guest

    We just returned from a great cruise onboard the Enchantment, and we thought the coffee was fine. This was our 4th cruise, and we noticed no difference in the quality of the coffee.
  9. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Maybe the phone calls and letters everyone has been writing them have helped. I sure hope so. Glad to hear you thought the coffee was OK.
  10. abelcher

    abelcher Guest

    we are bringing our one cup coffee maker on our cruise in Dec. My husband is the only one who drinks coffee in the morning and he even got a small bag of coffee from where he buys his coffee to bring along.
  11. BostonsJ

    BostonsJ Guest

    You are so right about the coffee on Enchantment and Rhapsody. But......I have yet to be on a ship which uses the dispenser type of coffee where the coffee was good. I have sailed Princess, NCL, Carnival, and RCI. Some is a little better but I would not call any of it good. We bring our own coffee maker. We don't pack it we buy it in port before we board. Any of the chain drug stores, like Walgreens, Rite Aid etc carry them. We then give the coffee maker to our cabin steward at the end of the cruise. We have found many of the crew members drink tea rather than coffee but they are very excited to have the coffee maker to heat their tea water.

    If you aren't huge coffee drinkers Folgers makes a pre-packed filter/coffee which I belive makes 6 cups. You just throw this filter that is filled with coffee right in the filter section of the pot and poof coffee. It eliminates the need to bring filters and bags of coffee. We however drink a lot of coffee so we just bring the scoop, filters and coffee with us, and buy the coffee maker when we arrive at our embarkation port. Creamers are always available at the Windjammer, we just fill two cups with creamers and sugar and bring it back to our cabin and place the cream in the refridgerator.

    Some RCI ships do have coffee stands but in the long run the cost of purchasing coffee vs buying a $10-15 coffee maker is much cheaper and first thing in the morning we have a great cup of coffee to start our day off without leaving the cabin.

    I have been known to take a taxi to a Walmart or Target at the embarkation city just to get this pot. We love coffee so it is worth the extra effort and makes our cruise that much more enjoyable.

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