End Of Days Cruise


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Since the end of the world is supposed to occur on December 21st, 2012 ( according to the Myans http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&...=result&cd=1&q=mayan+end+of+the+world&spell=1 )

I think we need to schedule a major cruise for all the Cruise @ddicts. "The End Of Days Cruise" would be a fitting title. Now, where to? Suggestions??????

Seriously, I would love to see one of our group cruise leaders (Einstein/Red or Mama Duck) look into putting something together on this......


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Interesting idea, Calgon, but I don't know how many - as a group - would be willing to be away over Christmas. Hanukkah will have been celebrated by that date, but...

Anyway, only a comment on my part because I don't organize official Cruise @ddicts cruises.


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Just thinking that if some giant meteor or something hits the Earth, then being on a ship would be the best bet. Any tidal wave would pass under the ship (provided we're at sea that day ... not in a port) and we would be some of the only survivors.....

Just think ... a world populated by Ducks and other Cruise @ddicts !!!!!!! (of course, we would have to make sure the Globug was kept out of the gene pool .......)


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Well, since it was the Mayan's bright idea I say the Western Caribbean so we can visit the ruins. But I'd be snorkeling of course. :)


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Since December 21st, 2012 falls on a Friday, I recommend that this be a cruise which begins on Saturday or Sunday (the 15th or 16th). That way, we'll be able to enjoy the full cruise.

If we go with a sail-away of the 22nd (arriving at the departure port on the 21st) and the world does end; then, we'd not only miss out on the cruise, but we probably wouldn't get a refund either!


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and since it will be the end of the world we should bring all of our family members so we can be together at the end. My family loved to cruise.


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Sounds like a plan to me. Leaving the 15th or 16th is good as well. We need a full cruise to be able to cope positive w/ the end of the world.



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Interesting idea. So, if we were all on a boat and the end of the world happened, where would we dock when we ran out of food and water?


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since it is the end of the world, who will be left to be angry that you went on a cruise for Christmas :D


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Yep, definietly a cruise to the Mayan Riveria is in order....and we could also celebrate Leatherneck's birthday since it is on the 21st LOL.


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12-21-12...what a wonderful idea to take a Mayan Cruise!!! :boogie:

But, I don't really know what we'll be doing then. Whatever it is, Den, me & our son will be together. Hopefully he'll be here with his family and friends and we can all go down together. :D

Good thought though Calgon!!


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Just make the cruise a little before the date...everyone is going to need time before then to tidy up a bit before the world ends!


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If we did it on a Princess ship with a MUTS screen we could show:

End of Days with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Deep Impact

The Stand

The Omega Man

The Seventh Sign

and for a lighter mood:

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Did I leave any out?