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End Of Days Cruise

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by Calgon1, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. boba

    boba Well-Known Member

    :banana:1 way airfare. Nice. :clap:
  2. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    'cause she knows her place and worships the very ground I tread ....

    Remember women .... always walk three paces behind your man (where you belong)!

    Thank you. Thank you very much.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2009
  3. reggae

    reggae Well-Known Member

    :hammer: CALGON:hammer:
  4. GloBug

    GloBug Senior Flea Coller Tester

    Pat, do something with him, PAH-LEEZE!!!
  5. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    I cannot, cannot believe that you've had the nerve to utter those words. Pat, if you don't have an iron cast frying pan I will send you mine so you can beat the fire out of him!! :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
  6. CRdude

    CRdude Active Member

    Re: <Remember women .... always walk three paces behind your man (where you belong)!>

    Except when you are in a mine field. LOL
  7. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    I send you mind, then you will have two
  8. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Ok - I talked with some friends last night about what were we going to do on 12-21-12...and I suggested that we have a party...there will be 21 people, we will have 21 food items to eat, 21 liquor items to drink, play 21 games, blow 21 horns, count to 21, make 21 art projects, etc....

    I know, I know...not nearly as exciting as taking a cruise and maxing out our credit cards. LOL :D
  9. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Awaiting results of mental evaluation

    Corky - How about a 21 day cruise?????
  10. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Forever Remembered

    Have you noticed Calgon's very appropriate designation?

    Awaiting results of mental evaluation
  11. Corky

    Corky Well-Known Member

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! How appropriate! :D

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