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My first visit to Kusadasi was last year and I stayed for 7 nights in this beautiful resort. I have heard so many stories about Turkish people and some people were against visiting Turkey however after I'd been there I realised how much they are missing! Kusadasi is a nice holiday resort but Ephesus is an amazing ancient city which is like 30km away from Kusadasi. Many agencies organize tours to Ephesus from Kusadasi and I preferred the one with Kusadasionline.com I had it reserved a few days before my arrival on the net and I get a good price for reserving online. They mostly deal with private tours. I preferred private tour because i wanted to learn a lot about Ephesus, when you go with a group tour theres a bus of people who complain about everything and the guide try to calm them down whereas her job is tell us about Ephesus. That was the main reason for me to choose a private tour. Besides I was interested in world famous Turkish Carpets and I had a good bargain with the help of Kusadasionline.com staff and their knowledgable guide. I now moved in to a new house with my new Turkish Carpet. They also informed me about the process of carpet making. It was real fun. I recommend anyone going to Kusadasi to visit Ephesus and before you go take a look at the tours of Kusadasionline.com I am sure you will love their service. Greetings to all travellers! If you need further information about Kusadasi and Ephesus you may email me at bexlovesrex@yahoo.co.uk