European River Cruising



Just in case anyone is interested, we have just posted the review of our recent Danube River cruise on the AMA Waterways Amalyra on our website It is very long, so much so that we had to do it in two parts. There are way too many photos in the review. We do apologize to those people with slow Internet connectivity for putting in so many photos; but with so many beautiful churches and other lovely places on this trip, we couldn’t resist.

There are also links at the end of each part of the review to our SnapFish albums that have photos in a larger format. They have been put into four separate albums to provide for faster download.

This was our first European river cruise and we just loved it. If you have been on a Danube River cruise before, we hope that this review will bring back some fond memories. If you have never been on a river cruise, hopefully the review will show you what they are like. Enjoy!