Ever Wonder Why U are ALWAYS sick after a Vacation???

S&M in Pgh

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On our way to our last cruise, there was a mother & 4 yr old wearing surgical masks on the plane. I guess it's the sign of the times. especially when you see news footage from China where you see the general public wearing masks. But I always have alcohol wipes handy.


red stripe

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Susie, in Japan when I was living there.. it was a common occurrence to see the Japanese wearing masks if they themselves had a cold, as well as just for their own protection when in crowds.

Cruise cutie

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we have to fly..we live in Rural New England..

and so what..wash your hands ,wash your hands, wash your hands.
simple fact of life...hotels, motels, trains, planes, and automobiles..all are germy!!..I'm a nurse...someone in your OFFICE could have nasty bug and sneeze next to you, you get sick..and it's done!!

The nurse in me refuses to say no trips for you 'cause you have to fly....that is SO sad!!

JMHO......hate to be stuck on the same ships/recycled routes time after time after time...:(.. because ..~

" OH no I won't fly "..guess that means I would not get to Europe again, or Alaska, or Down Under. or Tahiti..etc etc etc..

I'm 50..and to be stuck on travel "only where I can drive"...

please hope for me..up above willing to let me continue to be able to go far,far away!!...
as far as I know you get one chance at this thing called Life...and to deny us because I have to fly!!.

it's not per se my first choice..but hey either fly or not go!!
and to not go is unacceptable!!
.I just suck it up, put on my big girl panties, not let them wad up...and GO!!....:shrug:...different strokes for ....Joanne


If you take me serious, it's your problem
I have always wondered why on international flights they didn't have a 48hr. quarantine for passengers entering or leaving the country. I know it is not cost effective, but in reality.. it could end up being more costly if a disease such as DRTB(drug resistant tuberculosis), or ebola, or a bevy of highly communicable, deadly bugs spreading past geographical boundaries by flight.

Many experts in the field of pathogenic studies agree that international travel will be where the next major pandemic spreads. What is more alarming, that many of these nasty bugs have a relatively long incubation period that do not always get caught by flight restrictions. It has been long proven that this is how the HIV virus spread from central africa to the rest of the globe.

Just something to think about.... thank god i do not fly.

Cruise cutie

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the article states that major diseases are on planes..and incubate there..it is such a fallacy that planes are the *ONLY place this happens*..does anyone remember the veterans/families who got "legionaire's disease"???..and ..

OH let's go to the Olympic's...Summer and Winter..do you think sick folks do NOT go to these events and spread illness after paying a kabillion dollars to purchase the option to attend "ALL OVER THE WORLD" ????..
attending Super Bowl..!!
HUGE Rock Concert's..!!

if you live in an urban area..go to the Malls', and restaurants with a "foreign" food event with all kinds of nations..you are in a germ world of gonna happen..JMHO

but flying itself...is one of the least problematic things ..it's PEOPLE and how they LIVE their hygiene, their food habits etc...how they transfer things be it planes, trains, buses etc..

any conference centre Hotels..Vegas.NYC,.Atlantic City.Chicago, Boston.Houston,New Orleans, Miami, LA..Phoenix, DC etc etc... ...

..JUST living in massive sprawling populated congestive areas.
..so to say planes will contribute heck ya.. BUT realistically unless the world goes back to staying in a 50 mile radius of what we had in our back yards.you can stay bubble wrapped all by yourself in your own little world, never fly..and bacteria will still KNOCK you DOWN...plane travel itself..does not so much impinge as all the world as a stage they are just another vessel of traffic carrying.

.JMHO..so never fly and travel because you may be near other bacteria that's on a plane?? antiquated....but whatever floats ones boat/ ship....we have so many places ..and we hope to see them..and it's not going to be we are going to grow wings, or fins..so planes it is.
it's called "risk ratio". and "calculated options"..

.we're going!! .Happy traveling all...Joanne


I know there are several reasons we seem to be ill after each cruise--yes flying in closed in planes with recycled air contributes. I think another reason is we live in rural area seldom are around large groups of people therefore not exposed to things going around. Have low resistance to diseases because of other health problems. I know also we lower our resistance by pushing our systems to get the most out of each cruise, but sure plan to keep going as long as we can enjoy. Wash hands wash hands wASH HANDS.