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Everythin's cool or Orient Beach

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by trayc, Aug 13, 2002.

  1. trayc

    trayc Guest

    I keep reading great threads about both. Which beach is better? Do they have waverunners for rent at either?

    We would like do a little shopping in Marigot as well.
  2. MikeInPgh

    MikeInPgh Guest

    There were Waverunner for rent (as well as parasailing) at Everyting Cool. I don't think EC rents them, I think is an other group. My wife nixed the idea of renting one after my 3rd Big Black Banana of the afternoon. In retrospect, that was not a bad thing.

    So, your choices are the best frozen drinks in the Caribbean or topless middle-aged women and fat guys in speedos (if you are lucky).

    I vote for the frozen drinks. Trust me, there is plenty to see on the beach in front of Everyting Cool.
  3. trayc

    trayc Guest

    Yikes! When you put it that way, frozen drinks it is!

    Thanks for the help.
  4. Blusky558

    Blusky558 Guest

    We just spent a great day near EC this past month. There are several different guys who rent jet skis along the beach. We were just past EC towards the condo's. They rent jet skis and do banana boat rides. They will bargain with you, so try your best. My son got them down to $30 for 1/2 hour, plus they gave all 5 teens the banana boat ride of their lives (almost 45 minutes) for only $8 each. They have some really cute waitresses walking the beach, so wives take note that you may need to take blinders with you.
  5. r barr

    r barr Guest

    wave runners parasailing etc are availiable at both But I think Orient is a much nicer beach ,( cleaner no vender hassles no charge for umrellas and loungers etc.) if you grab a cab soon as you hit the pier you can be there when its very quiet ,lots of resuarants and bars also Marigot is a great place to head for lunch and shopping afterward, lots of taxis there and you're already part way tto Marigot if at Orient. Then after lunch you can taxi back to Phillupsburg for more shopping or check out Everythin's cool since it's right by the water taxi you take back to the pier
  6. joan schmitz

    joan schmitz Guest

    R Barr:

    Are you saying that there are taxis just waiting when you finish at Orient or do you have to pay the taxi to wait for you - maybe a couple of hours???
  7. LindaP

    LindaP Guest

    We asked our taxi driver to pick us up and three hours and he showed up on time
  8. JohnG

    JohnG Guest

    They are also parked just waiting, too.
  9. gene

    gene Guest

    Go to Orient, head for Pedro's, say "Hi!" to Selena and you'll get a padded lounge chair, umbrella and table for the day, plus a DRINK OF YOUR CHOICE, all for $7 !!!! The food is really good there too - not just Mexican as the name implies but some great French and local seafood dishes too. Yes, the scenery can occasionally be the "Doh! I wish I didn't see that!" variety, but it is often quite....interesting. The beach is beautiful, the water is great, there are wave runners for rent right next to Pedro's and taxis are everywhere. Not to take anything away from Everyt'ing Cool, but everyone should go to Orient at least once in their life.
  10. marjmy

    marjmy Guest

    We have been to both , last year everythingcool and Orient beach 2x's. When we go back agian I believe we will go back to Orient beach, it is a nicer beach, lots of great places to eat , the water was fun to swim (play) in. every things cool is close to shopping and the food wasn't bad, the beer was reaaallll cheap, good old Canadian Labatt's Blue for only a buck. (That was great)! Just my opinion, don't think you will be disappointed at either.
  11. Hooked

    Hooked Guest

    Blue for a buck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Guest

    If you have one of their t-shirts wear it in and the first Blue is FREE!
  13. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Yep, I have one of those shirts...and I wear it every time I go. Although I don't drink, I get the first Diet Pepsi for free. I just love that place.

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