Everytin's Cool ????


Smooth Cruiser

Thanks for sharing on what the big black banana is. Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to order one. Perfect for relaxing in the sun, just so my husband can carry me back to the ship (hiccup!)



I can't wait. I was wondering what EC was and now have a good idea. Sounds like a good place to hang out. I have to wait another 100+ days tho. Thanks for all the input. This forum is great!


Great snorkeling if you want to see sand and other people's feet. Honestly, there is too much traffic in the water (people, jetskis, the parasail boat...) to have anything but minimal fish life and there is no coral or reef. If you want to snorkel in St Maarten, I suggest taking one of the trips to Orient Beach or Pinel Island. It is said to be much better on the french side of the island.


Hi, I went to St. Martin and visted the Everythings Cool Bar and Beach. I had a great time. Do bother buying the shore excursion ifoffered by the cruiseline. You can get what you want without paying the extra $ 20.00 + dollars. Food was great. Band was excellent. They played alot of Santana and the like. The drinks are kickass. The vendors do bug you, but be stern and they won't be back. The sun is hot so bring sun block. Have a great cruise.