excursion advice please



My husband and I are booked on the 10-night Summit "Ultimate Caribbean", leaving November 8. We received our cruise documents the other day (yay!) and are now looking at excursions. Since this is our first cruise ever, we decided to book at least a couple of the ship-sponsored excursions, and have so far liked the sounds of the " Sail and Snorkel" on St. Kitts, and the "Land and Sea to Soufriere" on St. Lucia. These are decribed in the brochure and on-line. We are also looking at the "Beautiful Barbados and Colonial Plantation House" (we'd like to get in a little history) and the "St.Maarten Island Tour". Has anyone tried any of these and if so, what did you think? Do you think booking four excursions out of five island stops is too many? My husband thinks that we should maybe wait until we get on the ship and see what other people are doing. Any advice is much appreciated!


I can only comment on St. Lucia. Will know more about St. Maartin and Barbados after our 12/12 Legend cruise.

We did a 4 Wheel Sugar Mill Adventure through the ship (Carnival). It was really a lot of fun. They took us on some incredible bumpy roads into the beautiful countryside, making several stops along the way. I really felt like we saw this georgous island and the stop at the small waterfall and pond (swimming optional) was a ball! This was my favorite excursion on the tour!


We spent the day at a beach in St. Kitts. South Friars bay no real buildings a little restaurant, and little thatched huts the locals rented charir out of and sold rum punch and beer. was a Sunday and a Steel band showed up. You can also rent snorkle gear there, pretty good snorkeling. It was a great day. You can see some pictures of the beach in the photo gallery, under Galaxy S. Caribbean (I think that was what I named it.)

Oh heck here's some pictures.



Your tour plans for St. Lucia will be one of the best. I highly recommend it. The roads are poor, so venturing out on your own is not wise. You will see both land & sea plus I hope that includes lunch. My tour did. At Barbados and St. Martin, you can easily take an independent taxi tour for much less money and less time waiting for a bus to fill up. Just go outside the port terminal building where the van taxi drivers wait for you. If you meet others on board ship, they might like to go along. On Barbados (our tour was $20pp plus entry fees), try to go to the Harrison's Caves. At St. Martin, ask for a French (wines in Marigot) & Dutch (jewelry, electroncis, clothes) side half day tour. This will leave you time when you return (do it in the morning), have lunch on board ship then take the water taxi ($5pp unlimited) into town for some great shopping. This is your best port for souvenirs, so don't miss it. Pick up a good Caribbean Tour guide book; Frommer's, Foder's or a book by Kay Showker which are great. Highlight what you would most enjoy seeing. Do this before you cruise and try to alternate your types of tours. Don't make them all history, all land tours, all beach days, etc. Include a beach stop or snorkel/swim. Half day tours work great giving you free time in the latter part of the day to relax or enjoy the port after lunch. Make St. Lucia your only 8 hr. tour as it will include everything. You won't regret it. At St. Kitt's we were there on a Sunday, and took the half day ship tour that included Brimstone Fortress. It was a beautiful way to see for miles. Shops were closed, so there was little else to do other than tours. There are not a lot of taxi's.
Congratulations and best of luck.