Excursions & dress



15 of us (ages 11 to 81) will be going on an inside passage cruise with RCL in late May. What excursions do you recommend? Our 20 & 25 year olds want to do the zipline. Should we book through RCL or on our own? Also, what kind of clothing should we bring. We are from Oklahoma and it is summer by late May. Thanks for your help!


JMO, but you cant go wrong with any excursion that you can afford and interest you for Alaska. Everything is a must see or must do.

Since you are with a large group, split up and do whatever anyone wants.

You will save a few pennies by booking privately. Many reputable companies are available. The one advantage of booking with the cruise line is if you run into trouble, flat tire, traffic delays and are late to the ship, the ship will wait for you. If not start waving and get that credit card out.

Clothes....layers, layers, layers. Mother Nature is more unpredictable in Alaska than she is back home. I bought windpants at Walmart and wore them during the day. Very light weight for packing. Sorry fashion police but I wore a few things twice.

I went in August and came home with a sun tan. My parents went the exact same week a few years prior and my dad had to buy a winter coat.

I bought t-shirts there and worn them. Why pack them since I did plan to buy. I also bought my sweatshirt there too.


Great advice from suer on the weather.

I don't do tours so I have no personal Knowledge but if you want to do some reading check these site from friends we have cruised with. They did private tours, but like suer says your comfort level may be a consideration.

Carol & Mike's Great adventures http://www.thepreismans.com/

Kathleen and Jim's almost better adventures http://web.mac.com/jimbellomo/InfinityMates2007/Home.html

If you go to Skagway please make sure that you really consider the train. May will get you up into the high country with snow and it really is a remarkable that lets you see the country of the gold rush. This is the one tour that we have done.