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Excursions for singles

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Sestra, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    I may just end up having to take my cruise alone. Any suggestions on ones that a person alone wouldn't feel funny not having a friend along? I have been on trips alone but tended to do things where it didn't matter much who was with whom. I was interested in the Mendenhall Glacier, the White Pass train, and someone mentioned a cool Gold Panning/Salmon Bake excursion. Ideas? Suggestions?

  2. dusty

    dusty Guest

    sestra, when are you going and on what ship.

    i am going solo on the carnival spirit to alaska sept 10. i have some great trips planned . whale watching with capt. larry in juneau, the white pass summit trip and gold panning in skagway with www.skagwaysbesttour.com is only $35 and sounds fun. but ketchikan is somewhat of a problem for me. i dont know if you are having any trouble getting a seat on one of the sea or float planes for a trip over the glaciers but i cant get a definete YES you have a seat because you are a single. ketchikan might be the port i try to do something when i get off the ship or just walk around and shop. i still have some time for an answer from carlin air or island wings, but it sure would be nice to have a seat paid for to know my plans.

    have a great time. from these boards i have been assured that us 'singles' have a wonderful time because other passengers seem to adopt us and make sure we are involved and have fun. happy sailing. dusty
  3. Sestra

    Sestra Guest

    My trip is on The Norwegian Sky, Sept 20th. My brother wanted to go but apparently, once they start actually working on the tickets, it's VERY hard to make changes. :p I remember on my first cruise, the older travelers were real hoots, yes taking us under their experienced wings. On my trip to England, an older couple sitting next to me gave me their drink coupons and earphones, very sweet of them. I still hate going alone. Even when I am walking around the shop, I know my sailing companion will meet me at supper or for walks, always around somewhere. I'm still hoping NCL will be lenient.

    Happy cruising!
  4. dusty

    dusty Guest


    im glad to hear that you had such nice people to 'take you under their wing'. im sure once i get back from this cruise i will not be going alone again. i will shame one of my friends or family into going by telling them how great it was. thanks , dusty

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