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Excursons -Domenica

Discussion in 'Caribbean Ports' started by Maw, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. Maw

    Maw Guest

    Janurary will be our first cruise to Eastern Caribean so I am in need of excursons or activities in the various ports of call. I have never snorkled nor has Pa, as you know I am limiated in walking distances. I have to avoid too much sun also.We like to sight see on new islands. Suggestions for us for Domenica will be appreciated
  2. Maw ~ My first cruise isn't until November, so I can't help you, but I'd like to add to your question about the snorkeling. To anyone who answers: Are any of the excursions in water that you can stand up if need be. I'm going with my mom in her 70s and think the swimming might be too much for her, but I think she'd really like to "go under" and see all the beautiful fish and things. Thanks.
  3. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Guest

    Tiptoe -

    Does your cruise stop in Grand Cayman, perchance? My wife isn't a swimmer but I found a great little place on 7 Mile beach where she can wade out into water about four feet deep, put on a mask, bend over with her face in the water and see fish and a small man-made reef. We aren't talking world-class marine biology here but it's great for non-swimmers.

    If that works for you, drop me an email and I'll give you directions.
  4. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    At Coki Point in St Thomas you can stand in many places.
  5. Maw ~ Sorry for stepping on your toes on this one. I was finally able tonight to access the Celebrity website for the times of all the excursions and allow me to purchase the ones I want. You can get the descriptions of them and the cost from the website if you click on book excursions, but if you want the times available for them I could email whichever time you want. It took till today to access it and there is 94 days till sailing.
  6. Maw

    Maw Guest

    I have lots of time yet thanks tt I am sure my fellow Ch@os cruisers willcome up with ideas as we gert closer.
  7. Happy Camper

    Happy Camper Guest

    We scuba dived this island so I'm not helpful on the snorkeling - the water was great though so if you get a chance it is worth it. We went by the "Champagne Bubbles" and it was great - it is active volcanic activity where you can feel the heat in the form of bubbles comeing out of the ocean floor - my hubby didn't stick around long - haha! After the dive we went on our own and the island - very beautiful and lots of waterfalls. :) Debbie
  8. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest


    I'm planning on diving in Dominica in January - I hear that the u/w photography is great! Did you use a ship's excursion or independant? I'd love to hear more about the diving you did and your recommendations.
  9. Palolake

    Palolake Guest

    We're going on the Chaos cruise also. We were in Dominica last year and took the Favorites tour. If walking is a problem you would not be able to do any tour that goes to Trafalgar Falls or the Emerald Pool. Both are quite a walk and up and down hills also. I walk 3 miles every morning and I was huffing and puffing on this tour!
  10. PSellers

    PSellers Guest

    Hello All-
    We went to Dominica a few years back after storms kept us out of St Maarten. I had never even heard of the place until we docked there. Anyhoo- the wife and I and another couple went to the Ministry of Tourisms office and met with him and he set us up with a taxi tour of the island. It would have cost about $100 total for alll 4 of us. It took about 4 hours and we saw the entire island. It is a beautiful place, many waterfall and rivers with "hot tub" areas created by the warm springs. This island was truly a pleasant surprise. There is not much near the cruise terminal (dock) and the city is fairly third world. I suggest getting a tour guide (taxi driver) and perhaps the tourism minisrty can suggest a reputible on for you. Our guide was great. Have fun

  11. seamom

    seamom Guest

    Sounds good Pat ...was the ministry at home or did you have time to go there on the island?

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