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"extra" charges that add up

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by njcruiser, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. njcruiser

    njcruiser Guest

    You have missed the point entirely. Perhaps a simpler example of how I feel about changing the ship's charges. You go to a restuarant and eat a nice meal for let's say $50 you feel that you are getting a good value. Upon your return home you come to find that they want to experiment and raise the price. So they add additonal charges to your already paid bill now the meal is $65. That's how I feel about bringing my family on board and having to tell the kids to not eat at a palce that they enjoy since it's highway robbery. I agreed to pay X amount of $ for a certain product and now they have altered the product and not even considered how I feel about it.It wasn't that long ago that the meals were included in the price of the trip.
  2. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    Please Everyone That Is Upset With This Issue ,Email Or Give Rccl A Call,If Everyone Would Take The Time And Voice Their Unhappines With Rccl,We Can Make A Difference!
  3. 2cruzenutz

    2cruzenutz Guest

    njcruiser and others who feel cheated because at the time you booked your cruise, there was no charge for eating at JR's and now there is a charge...consider this scenario.

    RCI currently charges $20 per person to eat at Portofinos or Chops. Suppose that between now and your sail date, RCI decides to drop the charge for eating at those two places. Are you going to fire off e-mails to RCI demanding to be allowed to pay the 20 bucks because that's the way it was when you booked your cruise??? Of course not!

    In the early days of the Voyager, people booked while RCI was charging for the rock climbing wall, skating etc... but by the time they sailed, those charges had been done away with. I doubt that anyone felt cheated because they didn't get to pay for those things like they expected.

    I book my cruises a year ahead of time, knowing full well that things can and do change between booking and sail dates.

    Finally, njcruiser says, "It wasn't that long ago that the meals were included in the price of the trip". Well, meals still are included in the price of the trip, and they are served in the dining room and Windjammer three times a day, 7 days a week.
  4. uncleroy

    uncleroy Guest

    I Have Voiced My Concern And Also Emailed Rccl About This Matter. My Family And I Are Upset Over This Matter,If Evryone That Feels The Same Way About J.R. Would Send Rccl A Email And Call To Voice Their Displeasure,We Could Have This Changed! ALSO I am Glad To Live In The Land Of The Free,Because We Live In Such A Great Country,We Have The Right To Voice Our Concerns! We May Not All Agree On This Matter,But Thats What Makes Our Country So Great,We Can Voice Our Opinion And Listen To Both Sides Of The Story And Decide What Or Whom Is Right Or Wrong!
  5. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    I agree that there is a point to the complaints and it certainly doesn't revolve around a hamburger or just J.R.'s. If RCCL returns to charging for everything that they did when Voyager first sailed, customers should know these things now. At a minimum, if they are going to introduce charges for something they are not currently charging for, they should announce those charges at least 3 months in advance allowing each customer the opportunity to change their reservation if they so choose. Just good business practice.

    Cruise lines are a hot vacation business right now and prices are up and people are paying them. If they can charge more for the extras on the ships and nobody or few complain, they will!

    The question that I still do not have an answer to is will the cover charge cover costs for everything thus removing the extra costs for shakes and deserts? The cover charges at Portofinos and Chops, I presume, covers everything except alcohol if you so choose to partake. Why wouldn't the cover at J.R.'s be the same thing?
  6. frito

    frito Guest

    Just wondering---has anyone heard anyone complain because they booked their cruise 6 mos. or so in advance ---then the price came down and they had their price adjusted down either as a price reduction or as a shipboard credit?
    Can't ever remember hearing anyone complain if the change was in their favor, although the change was instituted after the original booking but I can remember a lot of posts wherein people were singing the praises about getting a reduction in price
    after they had booked.
  7. rocster

    rocster Guest

    Has anyone gotten a response from RCCL yet? I haven't.
  8. Cornhogio

    Cornhogio Guest

    Frito, I'm glad you're not the cruise director...You'd probably approach it will all the charm and tact of that drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. :D
  9. frito

    frito Guest


    Cornhoqio, thanks for the compliment.
    I am still waiting for someone to explain how it's ok for a cruise line to lower the rates after one has booked a cruise, then back up and give those same people a reduction in price--although they were booked prior to the rate reduction. But if the cruise line announces they are going to experiment for a couple of weeks with a very nominal charge for ( of all things to quibble over ) a hamburger, then folks yell foul--that they booked at a time when the burger was free and therefore the cruise line can't change the contract---well, maybe they shouldn't grant a price reduction as the price was set when the original booking was made-- maybe they should stick with the contract re/ the price---seems only fair to me.

    I say again---I don't agree with charging for a stupid hamburger. But with all the food that any reasonable person could possibly consume at ones disposal without a charge, why get bent out of shape over a hamburger that isn't really very good to begin with? The way to beat them is to simply stay away from the joint and they will soon get the message.
    God-- we had burgers for supper again tonight. Maybe spam tomorrow night !!

    Post Edited (03-16-04 20:13)
  10. muffycat

    muffycat Guest

    Sexilexi- You mentioned you got a great deal-where did you book your cruise through? I am so confused with the range of prices!
  11. JeffC

    JeffC Guest

    Here is RCCL's two cent reply:

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    At this time we are running a test charge of $3.95 to dine in Johnny Rockets. This test will determine if the charge will help with the service and quantity of people that dine there. We have recently experienced many complaints regarding the wait time and the long lines and we are trying to eliminate those situations.

    We appreciate your opinion and your time.

    Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International.

    Mandy Woods
    Customer Service Representative
  12. I would say that when the cruiselines lower prices, it is to get people to book because staterooms need to be filled. It is like going to Target, purchasing an item, then it goes on sale- they will refund the extra $$ you paid if you bring your receipt back. It is just good business. Also- it isn't like the cruiselines automatically lower the price for you, the informed traveler gets the good deals.
    As for all the surcharges- I feel that it really stinks to be dollared to death. When you lay out thousands of $$ to go on a cruise- you shouldn't be required to pay extra for anything but services.
  13. BP

    BP Guest

    Glad to see that they are only charging because of long lines and wait time. Based on that they will be charging extra for boarding, disembarking, The Buffet, deck chairs,
    Customer relations, wine service in the main restaurant and waiter service at any of the bars. .
  14. saintd

    saintd Guest

    i know all the cruisers that are upset over rccl's "breach of contract" aren't sneaking cookies and sandwiches off the ship or smuggling liquor on the ship. i'm positive you're not saving seats in the showroom or lounge chairs by the pool. at least rccl offers an option to their extra charges: don't buy the extras. do you offer the cruise line an option: like declaring your contraband. that's my criticism, my advice is stay home if your not going to be happy. don't be positive energy suckers.
  15. njcruiser

    njcruiser Guest

    As a mateer of fact I don't do any of those activities and you are too ignorant to understand the issue at hand. Please read and try to understand the concept of what we are discussing. Where do you come up with the sucking positive energy crap? You are hilarious.
  16. prettygigi

    prettygigi Guest

    Ok people, be nice to each other and channel all that energy towards the cruise line.

    $20.00 tip? that's cheap!
    Have you dined in Miami lately? Geez that's like 15% of the bill!!!
    In So Beach, they stick 20% automatically on your bill, generally if you have a nice meal you would end up with a $200 bill...

    I guess, it ain't no sizzler LOL!
  17. sexilexi

    sexilexi Guest

    muffycat- I actually didn't book my last cruise cause there was a group of us that went but we got a really good deal. I am looking to book one now and i've found some really good prices online. If the ship isn't fully booked you can sometimes get a steal. My extended family goes about 2 or 3 times a year and they take about 15-20 family members (all of which they pay for), and they find awesome prices. Sometimes the closer you get to the sailing date the cheaper the prices drop. Just search around online.
  18. jlynd53

    jlynd53 Guest

    Jeffc - You still need to pay for shakes, malts and sodas at JRs just like you have to pay for drinks in Portofins. The food is included including desert. I hope this helps!

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