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Falling off the ship

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by jester95008, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    anyone have any story's of someone falling or being pushed off a cruise ship? I talked to a deck hand on my last cruise and he was telling me about one lady that got drunk and jumped off the Fasination back ing 1998.
  2. jacquiez

    jacquiez Guest

    That is horrible! I fortunately have not had a cruise ruined by a man (or woman) overboard.
  3. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    I've read stories. I have to believe that incidents of cruise ship passengers falling overboard are usually preceded by two things: lots of drinking and a propensity for doing idiotic things. As evidence, I present you with this little gem, a news item from April 2003.

    Carnival Passenger Rescued 18 Hours after Falling Overboard

    A 31-year old male passenger who apparently fell overboard from Carnival's Fascination during a cruise last week, was rescued by a passing cargo ship after spending 17-18 hours in the water. According to U.S. Coast Guard officials, Tim Sears of Lansing, Michigan was rescued by the cargo ship ENY early Sunday evening approximately 145 miles southeast of Galveston, Texas.

    The Port Arthur News reported Sears didn’t remember falling from the cruise ship. “I really don’t know what happened,†Sears told the newspaper. “The boat left Galveston about 4:30 Saturday afternoon, and the last thing I remember was me and my buddy talking to some girls in the casino around midnight. The next thing I knew I woke up in the water.â€Â

    After being rescued and interviewed by both the FBI and the Coast Guard, authorities contacted Carnival about the incident. When contacted by the authorities, Carnival was not aware that Sears was missing because no one on the ship had reported him missing. Carnival Cruise Lines spokesperson, Jennifer de la Cruz, said that the cruise line is considering the incident to have been an accident.
  4. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    I have heard about people falling off ships(VERY RARE), but usually 2 factors are usually part of falling off the ship. Stupidity or Alcohol.
  5. Ashley

    Ashley Guest

    You must be really stupid to fall off a cruise ship! Definiltley! First of all they would be stupid enough to drink that much to not remember falling off a CRUISE SHIP! Second who would fall off a cruise ship that they paid several thousand dollars to go on! Im sorry who is that STUPID! bah!

    Excited for Serenade of the Seas July 4th 2004
  6. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    I wonder what would happen if you were to fall off and someone reported you overboard... Would they stop and get you? Or would they let the sharks get you?
  7. cfurry

    cfurry Guest

    On Mariner a few weeks ago, they described the "man overboard" procedure during the muster. They were very serious about it. The basic idea is to throw a life preserver over the side immediately, so that, even if the person who fell overboard can't grab it, the captain at least has a marker to head back to once he's been alerted.

    Oh, and you need to shout "MAN OVERBOARD!!" repeatedly while seeking out a crew member.

    Last year on Rhapsody, I asked the captain if he'd ever had to stop to rescue people. He actually said yes, but he hadn't done it in some time. Years before, he picked up some folks whose boat started to sink on their way from Cuba to Florida. "You wouldn't believe," he said, "how many people were crammed into that tiny boat." Guess you see it all if you spend enough time out on the ocean.
  8. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    I could imagine the looks you'd get if they had to go through the hell of turning the ship around and found out Stupidity/alcohol was a factor. You'd probably would want to STAY in the water...
  9. agodfrey

    agodfrey Guest

    There was an episode of Unsolved Mysteries several years ago about this. Apparently, a family with 2 adult children went on a cruise, and the daughter disappeared. Vanished, no trace of her what-so-ever. Kind of crazy, but authorities came to the conclusion that she must have gone overboard. Of course, on the show, they were exploring the possibility that she was pushed or thrown overboard by another passenger, but no one had ever come forward with any information or knowledge of the incident.
  10. MrsPete

    MrsPete Guest

    I heard of a teenaged boy who JUMPED off a Disney ship (while it was docked at a pier). I think it was a stupid dare. Anyway, he swam to the pier and tried to reboard (soaking wet) without any documentation. He could easily have been crushed between the ship and the pier, and security confined him to his cabin for the rest of the cruise. If I'd been his parents, the punishment I'd have come up with would have made missing the rest of his cruise look like a walk in the park. How stupid!
  11. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    If he was MY son, he would have been better off STAYING in the water... :grin
  12. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    Celebrity had an incident maybe about 2 years ago where a female employee decided to sit up on a rail near the back of the ship to have a smoke one night and slipped in. She was found alive the next day by her own ship. It is a very rare thing to happen. I think it was the voyager last year that started to turn around and look for what they thought was a possible overboard according to the wife but he was found later in the casino, not hearing or ignoring all the calls for him. Mind you I think that couple was put off the next day.
  13. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    Think about it how easy would it be to do such a thing.I`m sure someone,somewhere has thought of this.It problably happens more then we know.
  14. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Jester I almost laughed out loud on the "let the sharks get you".

    There was another person who fell off and swam to shore in San Juan. This happened a few years ago. He was a guest on Montel one time.
  15. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    agodfrey ,

    Thanks for the story , I saw it too , but they think that it was the DJ in the casino that did it to her. They said that he tied her up and through her in. Its a very sad story and bugs me to think such a thing could happen to a pretty girl like this.
  16. MandyBear

    MandyBear Guest

    WOW, Jester ~ I saw your message on the Carnival board and wondered what other responses you had on the RCCL board.

    This by FAR was more interesting than the other boards replies!!! :) Thanks for asking, I really found the explanation of taking the immediate action to throw a life saver into the water interesting. That does make sense, as a marker.

    Not planning to take the plunge anytime soon! LOL But this is an interesting thread! :)

  17. No dis respect to Amy or her family...

    But on a lighter side..there have been fellow passengers that I have wanted to push overboard. Just a little shove....PLEASE
  18. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    Manda ,

    Well I guess its a good think to point out because it is something that is possible and could happen. My friend was being an idiot one time while we were sitting on the back of a Carnival ship and he faked like he was going to jump over the rail and when he faked it he started to fall over. I grabbed him and pulled him back. It was a scary moment and from that point on I've been afraid of heights for some reason...


    SUNNYDAY Guest

    the girl that was on the rccl ship when she was missing never to be found again. their is alot of speculation as to what happened. they said on americas most wanted that she was last seen by a crew member who was hanging around her . but no one really knows, and he was not held as a suspect.. her parents are still searching with the hopes she is still alive.she was about 22 years old. they had a balcony cabin i think it was the rapsody of the seas. if i remember correctly it was afew years back

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