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Someone I wor with said he was on the Explorer I believe that it was one of its first cruises. Hw said that right as people were being seated for the early dinner a girl was on the balcony with her boyfriend and apparently they were arguing,he pushed her off the balcony and the people sitting down in the dining room saw her falling.....naked. I belive he said it was in St Thomas and that she was killed. Anyone know anything about it?


Hi Chrissy,

The ship was the Adventure of the Seas, second sailing (Nov. '01). The ship was docked in St. Thomas, its last port, and was preparing to sail back to the port of origin....San Juan. The couple was on their honeymoon. They were in their mid 20's, and had just returned to the ship from the Kon-Tiki excursion. She was an attractive blonde who was noticably intoxicated during the excursion (we were on the excursion and she bumped into my wife, DeAnn, while doing the Congo Line during the trip back to the ship). I took photos of her as she really caught our attention, being so 'out of it'. She was really having a good time. Her husband was a rather large guy and seemed fine.

The rest is information gathered, after the accident, from discussions with fellow passengers. The couple reboarded the ship and proceeded to pool deck for some more fun and drinks. Withen the hour she had gone back to her cabin on the ninth deck. One of our tablemate couples were in their cabin, which was directly below theirs, and had their balcony doors open. Their heard a female scream, like a 'wheeeeeeeee', as if the person was doing something fun. They looked out and over their balcony and saw the girl, nude, on deck five. She apparently hit the ships railing and bounced inward to the deck. This was on an area where the deck bows outward at the dining room. Waiters and other staff were preparing the dining room for the upcoming first seating and heard &/or saw the girl hit the deck. Had her room been elsewhere she probably would have cleared the ship, but that's still a long way to fall to the water below.

The ship remained in dock several hours past its scheduled sailing time while the incident was investigated and the girls body was removed from the ship.

We heard that the new husband and she 'had' been heard arguing, more than once, during the 7 day sailing. We also heard, several months later, that he 'was' charged with pushing / throwing her over. Never found out anything after that, but I oftened wondered since I believed the source & integrity of the 'wheeeeeeeee' scream, which sounded like she decided to jump into the bay for a fun, last minute, swim (it' was' the last day of the cruise). Perhaps they went back to the cabin to change out of their swimsuits, she took hers off and said she was going to jump into the bay, and he dared her in some way. Who knows...........I guess he does.

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