Falmouth Jamaica?

Hello, Has anyone cruised to Falmouth yet? I will be there in December and am curious if anyone has done any of the shore excursions? Would love to hear your feedback. Also how far is it from Negril?


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Hi there,

We haven't been there yet but are scheduled at the end of April this year.......will report back. Although, we probably won't do any excursions per say........we tend to no not like Jamaica too much due to past experiences, so we'll take this one with a grain of salt......as we tend to do with most ports......we "believe it when we see it".


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we were scheduled for there but the port wasn't ready and we ended up in ocho rios

did talk to a couple of people who took a tour to that area -- it was a mess -- and the town was very run down

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I'm very interested to hear more answers to this post. We are not fans of Jamaica either, but are considering doing the Allure, western, that includes Falmouth. Thought we'd skip the usual excursions there and just spend the day at nearby resort. Unfortunately my reading reveals that the nearby Sandals is directly under the airport runway. Lots of noise from the planes, so we're not sure what we'll do now. (If we do book this.) Probably a sail and snorkel. Usually there's at least one offered on the excursion list.
I have been to Jamaica but never on a cruise and I do like it so I'm not worried about that. I have been to Montego Bay and Runaway Bay. Would like to go to Negril so maybe we will do that if it's not too far. Gayle if your thinking about the Sandals in Montego Bay yes it is right by the airport. I think it was the 1st Sandals property built. They just recently renamed it also. Hopefully they will have the port in better shape by the time we get there in December :)

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I think it is about 48 miles.. but the drive time could be more that if you were driving that in the USA.

It takes time to get these new ports established, I hope that they do it well, and not string it out as they have in Crown Bay St. Thomas.

It will be good to have an alternative to Ocho Rios


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Nigrel isn't really close to anything and really not that impressive unless you're staying at a resort.

One cool thing about Falmouth is it is the closest cruise port to my favorite thing in Jamaica which is rafting on the Martha Brae River. That is a nice, relaxing time. I would encourage anyone calling at Falmouth, and Ocho Rios for that matter, to consider doing it.

Here's a link.

Welcome To Rafting On The Martha Brae
Just got back from Falmouth. If you stay in the RCCL created port, it's Disney Jamaica. Do yourself a favor and venture past the big iron gates and see the real Falmouth. The people are friendly and happy to see you. The old churches are nice to visit, but you will see how the large amount of money spent by RCCL doesn't filter down to the people. Buy your local handicrafts from the people in Falmouth and help them out. It's worth the walk.


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I was in Falmouth late November. I would not go past the secured port area alone. We went with another couple but didn't spend much time as we were pretty much harassed wherever we went. We talked to one couple from our ship where a local woman grabbed their stroller and took off. The husband had to run her down to retrieve his child. Not a safe place to just "support the locals". I doubt I'll wander past the gates again when we go next Spring.

I would recommend either doing a tour, or you can take a van to specific destinations for a flat fee. They have a place in the port area for pickup. For example, you can go to Montego Bay or Margeritaville.
Jamaica is a very poor country and the local population is desperate. This makes them extremely aggressive to tourist trying to sell there goods, especially Marijuana, their #1 export. Keep in mind most people that travel to Jamaica go to A/I resorts to smoke the local product. At just about any tourist stop you will find a lot of locals trying to sell their goods, and they do not take NO for an answer.

I agree with others, stay out of Negril unless you really like to party. The only thing there is the resorts.

Around Montego Bay there are a few things you can do and not get hassled a lot. There are 3 really good golf courses, a gated secure shopping center, and a Zip Line tour. Security is tight and locals are not allowed inside.

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There are many places in NYC and the rest of the country where you will be offered drugs, not sure where you heard that most people go to A/I resorts for the drugs, been to about 6 resorts in Jamaica and didn't see any drug use on the resorts. Yes you might be offered drugs if you say no and keep on walking you should not have a problem. Besides resorts been there about 10 other times on cruises.
There are many places in NYC and the rest of the country where you will be offered drugs, not sure where you heard that most people go to A/I resorts for the drugs, been to about 6 resorts in Jamaica and didn't see any drug use on the resorts.
Are you sure you were in Jamaica? I have only been 3 times now, flew each time. Offered Ganja at the airport, on every taxi and bus, by all golf caddies, most employees at the resorts, and by all the numerous Dr Feel Good walking up and down the beach shore line all day in front of the resorts. It really gets bad when you go to one of the tourist traps like Dunn's River Falls, they are on you like a wet diaper as soon as you get off the bus and wonder around the park with signs.

That cloud hanging over Negril is not water vapor or fog, it is Ganja smoke. On the two roads going to Negril are lined up with little vegetable and fruit stands. They all sell ganja and ganja laced foods and drinks. Since Amsterdam toughened up Marijuana laws Jamaica went from number 2 to number 1 tourist destination for those enlightened ones and is quite well known for its Ganja being cheap, plentiful, and very potent. It is the countries #1 export, number 2 export is legal Appleton's Rum. You will even see bill board signs Advertising the RUM as Jamaica's #2 legal export.

One of the fastest growing tour excursions today is the Ganja Tours where they take you out to the farms and let you see how it is all done. But they don't offer those on the cruise ships. Hightimes magazine runs adds for them.
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ok I do not read high times
Neither do I. When I returned from the first trip I told a few friends about our experience with open drug use and availability. One friend pointed High Times out to me so I took a look. If I would have read that before I went, I would not have believed it.

what resorts did you visit??
First time last March we went to Couples Swept Away Negril. We chose it because it is adults only, and we heard Negril was much more relaxed without all the hassle with vendors and locals wherever you go. It was true, it is more relaxed and laid back and not many vendors around because there is really nothing on that side island except the resorts.

What struck us as odd while en route to Negri we had our driver stop along the way for some drinks and some fresh fruit. He stopped at one of the many stands along the highway. We were pretty shocked to find hash brownies, candies, and Ganja all laid out to see and up for sale. I asked Paul our driver about it and he said that was pretty much normal for all the stands along the road

While at our Negril resort there were many, and I mean many people smoking Ganja openly. At the pool, on the beach, on their balconies, hot tubs, at the night club, just about every where. Many employees offered us Ganja from the maid, waiters, entertainment staff, and bar tenders. In addition there were two Dr Feel Goods walking up and down the beach all day.

The other two visits have been to Breezes Runaway Bay. Stayed there for the free golf and tennis. Pretty much the same thing, except add golf caddies to the list. Breezes seems to cater to a more mature crowd, so not quite as much drug use.

I think I can sum it up though. Both resorts we went to are adult only, so no families and I think that is why the drug use is so much more prevalent and open. I suspect the family resorts are more conservative.

With that said: Will I go back? Yes I will. You just have to except fact drug use (smoking Ganja) in Jamaica is just the way of life there, and it does attract a lot of tourist just for that reason.

One other thing our driver told us about and I did not believe him at first until I asked around. There is a lot of females who go there for Dreadlock tours. I will let you figure out what that means. :biggrin:
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Thanks we also like the adults only a/i but never saw people at resorts smoking weed in public ( have nothing against it) at Sandalls or Grand Lido Braco or the other resorts. But as you said have seen them smoke it at rest stops.


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I think I can sum it up though. Both resorts we went to are adult only, so no families and I think that is why the drug use is so much more prevalent and open. I suspect the family resorts are more conservative.
Who do you think invests and builds those resorts? The Drug Cartel. Actually they bring in a lot for their economy. That's why it's so prevelant not only at the resorts but openly in most locations. Just ask the locals.

The topic was Falmouth which is not Negril. I've been to both. Actually no one approached us to purchase weed in either of these places but in Ochio Rios and Montego Bay there were swarms ready to deal.


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We did Rccl's beach and lunch excursion last month. We would go back to the beach with RCCL, but the lunch was not worth the money. This was the firat time we have been disappointed in RCCL beach and lunch type excursion.