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Family Cruising - Maximum Capacity

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by jcb-mommy, Dec 11, 2003.

  1. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Hi -

    I just was looking into taking another cruise late next year around Christmas. Or perhaps early next year. But I wanted to take my entire family. I am having trouble finding rates for 5 people.

    I was looking into a cruise on the Millenium and was informed they do not have cabins large enough for 5 people.

    I know the family staterooms on the Century and Mercury will sleep 5, but I can't get a quote on that without calling a travel agent.

    What other ships have cabins with a capacity for 5. This is two adults and 3 children. None of the children are old enough to stay by themselves. I know I can get two cabins and my husband and I could each sleep in one, but I was wanting us to all be together. In December 04, one child will be 2 and the other 6 months (not even here yet). The third Child will be 13.

    Any advice on family cruising is greatly appreciated.
  2. BP

    BP Guest

    Let us know which ship and cabin you will be in with three kids so I can be sure not to book a cabin too close to you.
  3. Mary El

    Mary El Guest

    jcb-mommy: I agree with BP! 5 people in a cabin is way too much! There are connecting cabins where your 13 year old can share a cabin with one the 2 year old maybe. The 6 month old can share your cabin. They will set up a crib for y ou.

    But on another topic - - a 6 month old on a cruise!! A 2 year old on a cruise!! It's going to be a real hassle for you.
  4. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Thanks for the input. But I don't remember asking what anyone's opinion was on crusing with my family.

    The question was regarding family cabins and which ships have them. Thanks for the input regarding that. I will look into the connecting cabins.

    I wonder why so many people worry about the 'hassle' it will be for me to travel with my children....isn't that my problem?

    I probably actually will not be booking a cruise until later (sping/summer '05) as it turns out anyway....but then I will have a 1 year-old and a 2.5 year old.....

    BP: I will be happy to to let you know what cabin I am in so you can book elsewhere. I prefer quiet neighbors myself as to not bother the children when they are sleeping, which is often with little ones.

    BTW: My 1 year old is cruising in January. I do not consider him a 'hassle'.
  5. Mary El

    Mary El Guest

    jcb-mommy: I never said that your son was a "hassle". I would think that it would be so much easier on him to be around familiar places.

    As a heads up, there are quite a few people who think that very young ones could be disruptive and won't appreciate your little ones. I'm not saying I'm like that but on other boards I have seen HUGE conversations going back and forth on the cons of having little ones on a cruise.
  6. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Mary -

    Thanks for the head up. I've seen some of these discussions too. It seems like there are extremes on either side. There are just as many that think it is ok as don't.

    It does make me wonder though that if people are really that opposed to children why they choose a cruise line that had 'family' cruising. There are cruise lines that are adult only and there are adult only cruises. If I really didn't want to be around children I would take one of those.

    I do understand that some parents do not seem to be very responsible for their children and this causes other's to have to 'fill' in....that bothers me too. I've frequently seen what I consider small children and wondered where their parents were....this happens every where...malls, stores, vacations...it's amazing.

    I've been on several cruises and I understand that my cruise vacation will be different this time.....but that is ok, I really don't mind. If the little guy is too cranky or disruptive we will retire to our cabin.....

    He travels very well though. He's already flown cross country twice and handled it very well. Who knows, perhaps after the next one arrives I will change my mind, but my first child is so easy and such a great baby that traveling with him is easy.....now if my next is a little onery cuss....well then that might change my plans yet again.... =)
  7. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Seems to me that Some RCL ships have family rooms that they advertise as being bigger..or How about Dizney??
  8. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Thanks, I'll look into it!
  9. zenlauren

    zenlauren Guest

    I hate to recommend Disney but it might suit you. They have family cabins that can comfortably sleep 5. Those cabins (actually most of their cabins) have a split bathroom which means someone can use the shower while someone else uses the head and they aren't in the same room. It's also a cruise line where no one will be surprised to see children. The kids program gives the parents pagers so the kids can reach them anytime. Takes a lot of worry away. Good luck.
  10. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    someone dropped a flyer on my desk.
    Rhapsody and Vision of the Sea' s Cat FF
    Brilliance,Radiance & Serenade Cat FF also but shows different bed set up. (says sleeps six)
    Navigator Voyager Mariner Explorer Adventure Cat E says sleepss 6 also

    Disney. Cat 4 says sleeps four (some sleep 5)

    good luck
  11. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Thanks for all the input.

    I'll definately look into these suggestions.

    I've been on Disney twice. It is fun. We are taking a family trip to Disney World in late 2006, so we will be doing the land/sea thing then.

    I've sailed Celebrity the last three cruises (including the one in January), but based on the input I've been getting and some research.....I think it is time to look into Royal Carribean.

    Course, I"m probably dreaming that I'll get to go on another cruise before the Disney World vacation (that's going to be quite the chunk of change).....but if I can round up the cash....I'm going! =)

    Thanks Again everyone for your ideas and input, I really appreciate it.

  12. pbk917

    pbk917 Guest


    Kudos to you. Whether the comments are light hearted or not, there seems to be almost a prejudice towards children on cruise ships. We did not cruise with our daughter until she was 9, but that was strictly because as a young family we were unable to afford it so none of us cruised. Although I only cruise once a year (as of recently), I will say that I have experienced far more rude & inappropriate behavior from adults than from children. Children behave as well as their parents do. If they are taught manners & respect from their parents, they will certainly live by these rules. Why look for a cruise line that only caters to children? If the cruise line offers "Family" cruising you should look no further. The childrens programs on the Celebrity ships are fantastic. If someone does not want to cruise with children on a ship, their are lines that cater to them, as well as Celebrities special sailings. We all have to remember that our children are the future cruisers.

    Just my thoughts.
  13. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    pbk917 -

    Thanks for the input. It's nice to get a post like this since frequently I get negative remarks.

    We are traveling with Celebrity in January and taking my 1 year old. I will continue to check all family crusing lines. I thought of looking into RCL because they have been getting rave reviews later and I've been told on this board and others that they have some large family rooms, so I will probably check into it. I know that the room we will be in on Celebrity this cruise will also hold 5. So, there are lots of options.

    I agree with you. Family cruising is for the family. If the cruise line didn't want young children they wouldn't offer Kids programs, babysitting, high chairs etc......

    Glad that you are now setting sail, for me there is no other vacation! I love to cruise.
  14. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    The Celebrity Millennium class ships have the FV category - 2 room Family Cabins. However, your 13 yr. old is considered an adult and they won't allow the 5 of you in one cabin. I know because my daughter is booked in 7199 and even though there is room for the 5 of them (3 children), Celebrity would not allow it. We (Nana & Grampy) are booked with the pre-teen in the adjacent cabin. On the Legend class of RCI - Legend of the Seas there was a 2 room adjoining cabin that definetly could accommodate 5 people. I believe it was on Deck 8 or in the 8000 number range and just off of the Study room, and the atrium. We were just down the hall from it. RCI has a great program for the children as does Carnival. Unfortunately, unless you get two adjoining cabins with the common inside door, I know you won't be at ease. Carnival cabins are larger than many other lines on their new Spirit class of ships.
    Bon Voyage
  15. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Thanks for the information. I had heard that my 12 year-old would be considered an adult.....I think that is too young....but then that's just my opinion I guess.

    Grandma and Grandpa usually travel with us as well, so I guess we'll look into booking that way!

    thanks for the information.

  16. Scapel

    Scapel Guest

    I know Monarch of the Seas has one, because I took pictures of it, with a video at the end of a cruise.
    I remember there were two separate rooms one on each side of a central living room with a veranda. The big thing is there were two small bathrooms one for each room.
    Of course the ones on the fold out couch had to use them also.
  17. jcb-mommy

    jcb-mommy Guest

    Thanks Joe. Appreciate the information! =)

  18. jcb-mommy.

    I have 3 kids also, and am looking to go on a cruise during December. Mine are 3 boys -will be 7, 5 and 1 in December 04. I want to get a suite, and I see that Celebrity has the FV category cabins (family view ) - these accomodate 4 or 5 and are always at the very very end of the ship.

    From looking at the ships and cabins, Celebrity looks like a nicer line than Royal Caribbean - but I am not sure if they have enough activities for kids. In your experience, is Celebrity enough of a 'kids' line? I would rather not do Carnival. I think that leaves me with Royal Caribbean....

    Is celebrity mostly baby boomers who won't appreciate kids on the ship?

    Any thoughts?

    Post Edited (02-15-04 00:48)
  19. TomDebbieH

    TomDebbieH Guest

    We just returned from a FV,Family Varanda on the Summit.It would be crowed with 5 mainly because it has a small washroom.We were upgraded on the Splendour to a Family last year,we took a guarentee and got a big upgrade.It was great 2 sseparate BDs,2 separate washrooms 2 TVs,a nd a big balcony.It could sleep 5,also a living room with a fold out. TOM
  20. Thank you for your input, Tom.

    Mine are pretty young - 7, 5 and 1 at time of cruising. Do you still think it'll be crowded?
    I was attracted to the FV mainly because of the size of the veranda (270 sq ft) Sound spacious to lounge around in the morning. Did you feel more motion because the FVs are in the back?

    Also how about activities for the kids on Celebrity? Is celebrity primarily an older crowd (who might frown on kids)? Do they have enough to keep the kids busy?

    I've heard that Royal Caribbean is more of a kid friendly line. But Celebrity looks nicer...

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