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Favorite part of a cruise .....

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by jester95008, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. jester95008

    jester95008 Guest

    So what does everyone get all excited about with going on a cruise anyways? Is it the food you look forward to ? Or the music and entertainment? Is it the shows or gambling? Or is it that feeling of being in a dream and far away from reality?

    Believe it or not , my most memorable moments about a cruise were always all of the above but the most exciting thing for me was that morning of the cruise when you first wake up. That moment of anticipation in driving to the airport and getting there with your luggage , to arriving at the Port and getting off the bus. That's when my butterfly's hit. I don't calm down until about an hour or 2 of being on the ship because I want to do everything ! I feel I'm on a timelimit and there is not much time to conquer an entire ship right?

    What about you guys? What's your biggest thrill ?
  2. happycruzer

    happycruzer Guest

    Waking to the knocking on the door and having my morning coffee delivered to me, sitting out on my balcony watching the ship come into her port, flying like a mad woman thru the shower , hair/makeup routine and rushing down to the gangway to see what island awaits for me . Then rushing back with all my goodies to be served my little frozen thingee and watch her sail way to the next port....yep thats pretty much my favorite part!!! :grin
  3. AJ coast

    AJ coast Guest

    The first sight of seeing the ship docked in her berth, waiting for her passengers to board.
  4. Randyjean

    Randyjean Guest

    My favorite part of a cruise is when you have a "free day at sea" towards the end. By this time you've settled in, you know where everything is, you've met a group of people who make you laugh...and you have ALL day to just "hang" and watch the water flow by....

  5. Sharkin

    Sharkin Guest

    I like waking up in our stateroom that first morning and realizing that it really isn't a dream.
  6. serene56

    serene56 Guest

    I like everything in between getting on the ship to the point of getting off. (does that count?)
  7. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    My favorite part is standing on the deck above lido in port before sail away , knowing im not at home, with my camera in my hand, and my best friend next to me, knowing that atleast for a few days , theres no dishes , dogs, husbands, phones, or cares :) taking that first vacation picture.
  8. Cruiser-Jake

    Cruiser-Jake Guest

    My favorite part has to be, sitting on the top deck of the ship with 6 of my best friends, basking in the sun, watching the ocean go by, with a drink in our hands and not one thought about work in our heads......Priceless:)
  9. MoJo2Rusty

    MoJo2Rusty Guest

    My favorite part of my next cruise will be seeing friends I have't seen since the last cruise and other friends that I haven't seen in over a year. Besides that, I agree with everyone above. There is something special about a cruise starting with the planning. My friends & I have been planning for almost a year now and it's almost here! Counting down the days is even exciting.
  10. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    I like the beginning the best as well. Showing up at the port and seeing the ship waiting for us. The first buffet at lunchtime and exploring the ship. It may sound silly but I like the muster drill because that means the voyage is about to begin. Kind of like "gentlemen start your engines" before an auto race. Then walking up to the heliport with Susan on a Voyager class ship as we slip out of Miami on our way to another fabulous adventure =handinhand

    Happy Cruising,

    Michael =sailor
  11. MzJavon

    MzJavon Guest

    My favorite part is when you first get on the ship and they snap you and roommates picture! That lets me the fun has begun!!!
  12. Eoconnor

    Eoconnor Guest

    My favorite part is pulling away from the dock. I know we are on the way...
  13. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Walking down the gangway with that very first moment entering the ship. Love that awestruck feeling you get when you first enter the atrium.....then it is "Hurry! Lets find our cabin!"

    I also love waking up in your hotel the morning you are to sail off, and looking out the window and seeing the smoke stack of your ship above the buildings. That happened this past year when we stayed at the Spring Hill Suites. We didn't know we had a room with a view :)
  14. Baystate

    Baystate Guest

    Sea days and watching the ocean go by at night.
  15. Giles612

    Giles612 Guest

    The best time I had was when we were heading out to sea from Tampa and my fiend and I were standing on the front of the ship as we sailed into some small rainstorms. The wind was extremely strong and the rain stung a bit when it hit you, but we were like a couple of kids playing in the rain. It was probably the most fun I had on the whole trip, not sure why something simple like that would be the highlight of my trip but I will never forget it.
  16. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Its ALWAYS the simplest things in life, that you find the most remarkable. I find that as I get older ( not old yet, only 25) that it doesnt take much to impress me anymore, and it doesnt take that much to make me happy anymore either. Very simple pleasures are ususally the make the most impact. Normally one is just so busy that they dont realize it.
  17. Giles612

    Giles612 Guest

    To me, the essence of Cruising is the simple things about it. Shore excursions, Casinos, Shows, etc. are nice and all add to the experiance but it is simply being at sea that has me so addicted to it. I simply enjoy experiancing a part of the world that is so differant from mine way up here in North Georgia. At 33, I am interested in disconnecting from my life here for a week or so and just be a kid again, with the exception of Cigars, drinks, etc.. Kid's shouldn't do that. ;-)
  18. harley2004

    harley2004 Guest

    You got that right Melissa... no dishes, no phones, no nagging husband to deal with... just me and you having the time of our lives doing everything or absolutely nothing at all but relaxing with a drink and the warm sun and the sound of the magnificent ocean....AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
  19. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    Ahhh, Sonia ( my best friend) has finally figured out how to use cruise addicts, Everyone say Hello to her :)
  20. Giles612

    Giles612 Guest

    Hello and welcome.

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