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Favorite Ship

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Griffen, May 12, 2004.

  1. Griffen

    Griffen Guest

    Which is your favorite Carnival ship? Why? (I haven't sailed Carnival...yet... so I don't know) Thanks
  2. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    Having been on the Holiday, Fantasy, Sensation, and Glory, I must say the Glory. She has the advantage of being a new ship, and the decor was very nice. A lot of detail in the hallways, elevators. I did not care for the Sensation: awful purple everywhere, colums in the theater, blocking your view, slow slide.
  3. creditlady

    creditlady Guest

    For me it's the Triumph! Very pretty ship and great crew.
  4. lainie

    lainie Guest

    We've been on the Sensation, Elation, Victory, Spirit, Legend and Glory. It's a tie between the Spirit and the Legend. :) Love the Spirit Class ships the best.
  5. Carnival Paradise, Smoke Free for now.
  6. tbone

    tbone Guest

    Ive been on the Triumph and Glory. Ships themselves are very similar, but the entertainment on the Triumph is a cut above. The Glory does not even have a full reggae band outside which was a big disappointment in my opinion.
  7. loops

    loops Guest

    Sailed the Ecstasy, Fascination and Miracle.

    The Miracle is my favorite!!
  8. mick1959

    mick1959 Guest

    Sailed the Pride, Glory and Fantasy and taking the Sensation in a few weeks. The Pride is my favorite because the staff was wonderful. Waiters knew our names and they were very personable. Our room was always clean and made up. Same with the Fantasy. The Glory is a wonderful ship but we were on it a few months after the first sailing. The room stewards did not clean our room till sometimes in the afternoon and the head waiter was slow and did not even know our names. Maybe new staff needed more experience and is probably much better now.
  9. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    I love the Fantasy...she's older, smaller and I think the staff is the greatest.
  10. Denofor2

    Denofor2 Guest

    Been on Triumph, Victory, Sensation and Inspiration. The last two were smaller but had more sun area seating. The first two was larger and had a sliding skydome that opened during the day that took up almost all the rear portion of the panorama deck. There was seating inside, a floor lower, or room for a couple rows of chairs around the sides of the rear portion of the panorama deck. You still have the pool area in the middle of that deck but it becomes crowded and very wild at times. Overall we enjoyed all the different ships. We will be on the Conquest in Dec. Dean
  11. Betsy

    Betsy Guest

    Been on the Fantasy, Ecstasy,Imagination, Pride & Glory (not to mention the Carnivale). By all means- the Pride is the most elegant of these ships. The Glory did not impress us in the least. Will be sailing Valor next spring!!
  12. SheilaInAL

    SheilaInAL Guest

    I've only cruised once, so the only ship I can vote for is the Miracle! She's awesome, and beautiful, and the staff, food and entertainment were great! Loved her so much, I'm going to book a cruise on her for next year!
  13. ..Q..

    ..Q.. Guest

    I love the Fantasy!! Smaller ship and the crew is great.
  14. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    Ive only been on Celebration & other than one day lost to seasickness... I truly loved her... she was a bit dated, but so am I ....(lol) seriously, the only things on this ship that was not wonderful were the purple walls in the Islands in the Sky lounge and the teeny tiny elevators ! We loved her & wouldnt hesitate to sail her again !! Some people had led us to believe she was horrible... SHE IS NOT ! Shes a grand old ship ! The service was better than we received in any resort ! I guess that is the difference in the smaller ships... they get to you know you... you get to know them... lifelong friendships can be formed EASILY !!!

    Steph & guys
    Celebraton 05-04


  15. steph_texas

    steph_texas Guest

    I =adore the Celebration !



  16. Hersheys

    Hersheys Guest

  17. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    no wonder there is no one going on the Conquest on June 20 (except me). It was not mentioned even ONCE in the last 15 posts.

    Seriously, I did like the Celebration (she is like a graceful lady) and the Inspiration ( a younger vovacious gal). Now, to be honest, I don't like judging between certain things, but I can say that I really DIDN'T LIKE the Holiday. Kind of reminded me of an old age Celebration with something lacking.

  18. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    I would have to say favorite was Inspiration, then Conquest and least fav was Grandeur of the Seas RCCL.
  19. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    can you elaborate a little more about your choice between the Inspiration and the conquest? Is it the size? Sometimes bigger (more crowded) is not always better.

  20. littlebobdog

    littlebobdog Guest

    Oh no. Nobody picked Esctasy. That's the one I am going on this July.


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