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Favorite Ship

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Griffen, May 12, 2004.

  1. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Hi! Sure....

    Some people will probably think we are crazy, but we really liked the smaller ship better, even with its guady and dated decor. The dining room felt more personable. Our service in all areas was a dash better on Inspiration, with the exception of the assistant Maitre D and cruise director Corey (now retired!). Our cabin steward was always right there if we had a question and we had a lower lever inside cabin on the Inspiration. On the Conquest, we had a balcony and we rarely saw our cabin steward and our cabin was sometimes not done until afternoon. this was probably what alot of people prefered and it was certainly no big deal. Also, it was a terrible time to find a deck chair, and the pool areas are very crowded. Hubby and I would wait around and finally spot one and share one for 45 minutes or so.

    Maybe we are just blinded by "first cruise" memories but these are the things that stand out. We are in our early thirties and have active lives but it is a trek to run back and forth at times to the kid programs, then to look at pictures, back to the sun deck to catch a bit of sun on the only deck with a chair and then all the way back to the other end of the ship to retrieve your child and then all the way back to your cabin to shower and then half way back up the lido deck to get more ....well, you get the picture :lol On the Inspiration it was just like everything else was close. I have movies of my son being the only one in the pool on that ship.

    Don't get me wrong, our family did enjoy our time on the Conquest. Being our 3rd cruise we felt really prepared and made the most of our time. The shows are great and the food excellent. I was shocked at the large size of our balcony and bathroom. We are just getting a better idea of we like and we are in search of a smaller ship within driving distance :) Nan

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  2. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    Very understandable. I originally felt that way about the inspiration in that our room was way in front of the ship and our assigned dining room was WAY in back of the ship AND then we had to go to decks down. I did get my exercise though. I did manage to get a deck chair on the inspiration. I think timing is important. The people who wake up early and eat early get the chairs. Pat and I found that around 4 pm was an excellent time to get a lounge chair, because some people are leaving to get ready for their evening meal or the fomal night or the captain's party.

    I know that I'm going to love the Conquest, but sometimes bigger does bring more peole and crowds and not better little things, like that lounge chair. That is one of the reasons that we booked a balcony. I know that there won't be a lounge chair, but I will try to improvise on the balcony.

    One thing that I really like about some of the smaller ships are the OTHER ports they go to and if the ports are close to each other, the amount of time spent at the ports.

    I like big because of the more choices and more swimming pools.

    Anyway, for the sake of this thread, once again, I feel torn between the Celebration and the Inspiration.


  3. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Are the Celebration and Inspiration the same class of ship? Which was is newer? Maybe I should try the Celebration next! Where does she sail out of? 7 day sailings?

    Coffecups-your user name brought to mind one more thing. Now I am not sure uf they use all the same dishes on every cruise, but the coffee cups in the buffet areas are similar to your tupperware style tumbler, very thin frosted plastic with large handle. Kind of strange drinking coffee out of tupperware (I am a BIG coffee person =gulp )but they do have the deluxe coffee bar on deck 5 .
  4. danipani

    danipani Guest

    Nobody picked the Destiny. come on people, im going in 3 weeks. someone pick the destiny lol :)

    destiny 6/6/04
  5. Babushka

    Babushka Guest

    Like Littlebobdog, I am also sailing the Ecstasy in July. Does anyone have any opinions? I know it's an older ship but is it still nice?
  6. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    If memory serves me correctly, the Inspiration is newer and bigger than the Celebration. The Celebration was in N.O. before the Inspiration. They moved the inspiration to N.O. because the industry was growning and more space was needed for us N.O. party people (they don't call it the BIG EASY for nothing).

    The Celebration sails out of Galveston, TX. I think she does mostly 4 or 5 day cruises. I'm sure someone will point out the truth real soon.

    And for Danipani, the destiny is a good ship. You just got finished putting the first vote for the Destiny. Congrats. Truth be known, I don't think Carnival actually HAS a BAD ship. The problem is choosing the one you most like from so. so very many choices.
    There are over 20+ carnival ships with various sizes and styles.

    Danipani, why don't you start a new thread inquiring about the Destiny. Better yet, I will start one for you.

    Trust me, you WILL have a great cruise.

  7. Kim1319

    Kim1319 Guest

    I've been on... well, you'll see in my signature I guess. And I'd have to say my favorite so far is the Carnival Triumph. :grin :thumb
  8. kahlua924

    kahlua924 Guest



  9. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    I know that you are quite excited by all the caps. However, on the computer or on the internet, all caps means something like emphasize or yelling. Sometimes I do emphasis some of my words, but I never capitalize all of them.

    Yes, it is hard to go to a smaller ship after the large one, but then you might miss something like extra time at some ports, less lines, more deck chairs available, and some different ports that the big boys don't go to. Now, I would probably not go on the Holiday when it was (moving soon) in N.O. However, I probably would try the Sensation when it moves here. I believe that the Sensation is not too much smaller than the newer ships, (If I'm wrong, I'm sure to be corrected).

    I think you raise a good question for me. I wonder what all the fuss is about the Miracle? I wonder how it compares to the Conquest? I ask this because I have seen many votes for the Miracle and not one for the conquest. Thanks! Happy Cruising!!

  10. Belizemama

    Belizemama Guest

    coffeecups...we just had a balcony on the Conquest, and believe me you can easily adjust. All of us were able to get quite comfy there. One chair leans back...so, just prop your feet on the railing, have a beer or glass of wine and relax! We LOVED it. Only way to go if possible.

    Nanni-B.....I don't drink coffe but my hubby does and he solved the problem of Tupperware cups by taking his "faithful" insulated cup along on the cruise. He poured his coffee in it every morning and had hot coffee to his liking... no problem mon. You can even buy one in the gift shop which is where his current cup came from, on the Inspiration, on another cruise.

    As for my favorite, we were just on the Conquest soooo, right now it is tops in my mind. I would go on it again in a heartbeat. BUT, I love the smaller ships also. The Inspiration and Celebration are great ships. Some friends just did the 5 day on the Holiday out of N.O. and enjoyed it tremendously. It isn't their 1st cruise either.

    We always figure that ANY cruise is better than NO cruise!! :):):)
  11. John

    John Guest

    Ok, Here is my favorite... love the Spirit Class also. I've been on Legend, Spirit, and now Miracle. I've also been on Conquest.

    Here is my review of the Carnival Miracle. I've been telling all my friends here in the Tampa Bay area.

    Miracle Review
  12. Lady2fan

    Lady2fan Guest

    Well Going on the Rusty Wallace Cruise with Dean and Sally and about 1200 RW fans........the Sensation was our first year and I liked the ship a lot. I just liked the lay out best.. I felt the food and the service was better also.I like the Triumph 2nd. I don't think the Victory lived up to either in the department of food, service or entertainment.
  13. The Cruiser

    The Cruiser Guest

    I've been on the Imagination, Destiny, Fasacation, Victory, Pride, and the Legend

    My 2 favorite ships are the Imagination (my first cruise) and the Pride for the Layout and the Service/Entertainment

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