Feasibility of Disney World from Port Canaveral?



We are taking a cruise on the Grandeur and I am wondering if anyone can share their experience with taking the shore excursion/shuttle to Disney World? The ship arrives at 7 am and departs at 7pm, but I don’t know when the shuttle leaves or comes back to the ship. Do you feel like you get enough time at the park or do you feel rushed? Any information will be helpful. Thank you!


My sister took Grandeur this past summer from Baltimore and she used the RCI excursion shuttle to Disney World. It left earlier than stated on the excursion information, which gave them a little more time. The ride is about an hour each way. She reported the process was smooth and the pickup at the park to the ship was on time and the shuttle was clearly identifiable.

She chose the Magic Kingdom and the excursion gave enough time to visit some of her favorite rides and attractions. Keep your expectations low and decide on the few things you really want to do. If you are taking kids, it is a good idea to agree on the major things you want to do before getting to the park. She reported about 7 hours of solid playtime. Things vary on when the ship is expected to be cleared and when it docks.

You can also buy one day passes over the internet. She did this which saved her time from getting in line at the gate. If you do like a lot of rides, keep the speed pass in mind. You go to the attraction, hit the button and it gives a ticket to come back between a certain time range. Then you can get into the speed line (at that time period) which moves much quicker than the regular line. If you don't use it, there is nothing lost. I did this in Disneyland last year and it worked out very well. So as we walked along, we would just grab passes and decide if we wanted to do the attraction at that time or not.

Another thing that throws of Disney Guests of late, is that they are now scanning finger prints of all ticket holders. Presumably this is to control transfering of multi day tickets but it probably has a security function. Here is a story about that practice:

I only mention this because for some folks it could be a show stopper. It would be a shame to take the shuttle and then not want to go into the park based on principle. :)

So if you don't mind an abbreviated day at the park, it is a nice excursion. If you try to run through the place like Supermarket Sweep and do as much as a regular day, it could be very stressful and tiring. For Disney veterans, it is a nice quick visit to see an old friend. For Disney newbies, you might be frustrated with the short time unless you consider it a "sampler". :)

Overall, my sister said that she was glad she did it and her shuttle mates seemed to enjoy the short visit as well.

I hope that helps. Enjoy your trip on Grandeur and if you decide to go to Disney, have a great time!


The ship is in port for 12 hours. 12 hours is not enough time to visit Disneyworld (let alone the one hour trip each way). As Robakbob does a good job of explaining, you can do it, but you have to scale back your expectations. I was there for four days in 1989 and did not see everything I would have liked to. And in the last 16 years more has been added. Disneyworld is vacation in itself, not a shore excursion.


I disagree with the most recent post. Go to Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The question was not "Can I see all of Disneyworld in 12 hours?" The question was can I get to Disney and have a good time. The answer is absolutely yes. 10 hours is definitely enough time to see Animal Kingdom or MGM. Also could do Sea World or Universal. Although they could not see all of EPCOT or Magic Kingdom, I am sure the family would enjoy doing something different than going to the beach in Florida.