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festival cruises

Discussion in 'Europe' started by dock, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. dock

    dock Guest

    Friends of ours want to go on European Vision in Dec. I have only been on Celebrity and RCCL ,so we are abit anxious as we do not know what to expect re: food ,smokers, calibre of cruise. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. wwinfl91

    wwinfl91 Guest

    On a recent cruise on the Golden in the Med we saw Festival ships in several ports including in Venice. They look like older versions of Celebrity or Princess ships. We have never been on them but just seeing them in the ports they looked clean and in good shape. One thing I heard from someone on our cruise was that if you only speak English and you are sailing on one of the Italian or Greece ships in the Med you might find yourself lost because I guess if the large majority of the people on the ship speak Spanish, Italian, German, etc., sometimes they only do the announcements in those languages. I know we were on the Costa Atlantica and there the announcements were often done in 3 or 4 languages but English was always included.

    I will be back to check on this thread as I would be interested in seeing what people who have been on European based cruise lines think of the experience.
  3. petergrebe

    petergrebe Guest

    Take a Junior Suite with balcony and you will have your dinner in the alternative restaurant, where the food is even better than on Celebrity.
    The announcements a always in five languages incl. English.
    Dance orchestras are great, but the don´t have an orchestra with the show, but we loved our cruise to St. Petersburg this summer.
    We´ll try Celebrity again in October in the Western Mediterrean.

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