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few questions for 1st time

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by OurPooh, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. OurPooh

    OurPooh New Member

    I was thinking of booking a cruise out of NYC and saw NCL Jewel. It will be myself, husband and 6yrs old.
    Whats the difference with booking with a Travel agent and booking with the NCL directly or the website? Do I gain or loss anything if I book myself?
    I'm planning balcony room (what is better deck 9 or 10? The right side or left side?)
    Anyone has information on the kids menu for the maid dinning room and Le Bistro? I read additional cost for Le Bistro, is the price for our son the same or half price?
    Any additional help is really appreciate. I tried searching on kids menu and unable to find thur search.
    I want to try to book this the next few days
  2. bob

    bob Chief Engineer Staff Member

    Personal service and someone who will stand up for you instead of their employer in case something goes wrong.
    A travel agent works for you a cruise line booking agent works for the cruise line, do the math...:whistle:
    Problem is it can be trial and error to find a really great travel agent that you are comfortable with but even a
    so so one still works for you.
  3. Cruizer

    Cruizer Well-Known Member

    RE: Travel Agent (TA). A travel gets a commission from the cruise line. The travel agent represents you. Thus, if you find a good and honest travel agent (most are - some are not) the travel agent will provide you with the knowledge and insight of a professional at no additional cost to you. What you lose is the ability to communicate directly with the cruise line. Some people are unhappy without that level of control. I've been on 17 cruises and I use a travel agent. That way I don't have to deal with the cruise line, which in many cases is a good thing. Also, I still feel I have full control. The only difference is the travel agent is the one on hold with the cruise line - not me.

    The difference between deck ten and deck nine is that the cabins on deck ten cost more. Otherwise you are getting the same cabin for less on deck nine because the cruise lines believe that the higher the cabin the more desirable it is.

    I am not aware of any discounts by age for any of the optional extra cost restaurants.
  4. OurPooh

    OurPooh New Member

    Thank you so much for your answer. I have used Liberty Travel and AAA TA for Disney in the past and always got not so happy rooms. I have used Amex TA for European trips and it was so so . So I have booking all on my own going to Caribbeans, Disney trips and Europe. I went to one this weekend and didn't get a good vib and got a higher quote than the ones on line. I don't mind doing the search but since cruising is so new to me I wasn't sure.

    Thank you so much again for taking your time to ans me.
  5. nmnita

    nmnita Active Member

    I can answer some but not all your questions: 1-more than what deck is the location. Try to book mid ship or aft, do not book forward and don't book the deck just below the pool area.

    there is no good answer as to how to book, if you are a novice cruiser I would certainly use a travel agent. The only advantage booking yourself, you have conplete control without a third party, but an agent can answer your questions, help planning and be there if you need someone. Also there is always the possibility an agent will be offering a perk that the company will not offer. Price wise there is not difference, but things like OBC can make a difference.

    As for the charge in Le Bistro, that seems to vary from day to day and wait person to wait person. Some will only charge if he orders off the main menu, some will charge no matter what, some will charge 1/2 price and some full price. I know there is a set policy but it doesn't seem to be followed. The kids menu for Le Bistro will be the same as it is for the MDR.

    Hope these answers will help you a little. The Jewel is a great ship, enjoy your vacation.

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