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Finding Discounted Princess Pricing

Discussion in 'Princess Cruises' started by Rick T, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Rick T

    Rick T Guest

    I've sailed NCL, Celebrity and RCCL and am trying to find a cruise on Princess. It seems that either Princess doesn't discount it's cruises or it requires you to call them direct (or have an Agent do it) to see what the real price is. Any web sites that you can recommend? I've tried I-Cruise and mytravel with very little luck.

  2. BurBunny

    BurBunny Guest

    Most of the online sites show the "public" price for Princess. You often do better once you call them directly. However, I prefer to let an agent do my work for me. Find one you can trust (several of them advertise on this board), who has a system to check for price reductions, and let her earn her commission :)
  3. geejay

    geejay Guest

    Try going to www.kimskruises.com

    She has a huge list of discounted cruises, the majority of them Princess. I don't think you would be disappointed booking through her. She is the best TA we have booked with.
  4. Redi2Cruise

    Redi2Cruise Guest

    Try Lori at Skyscraper Tours888-278-9648 . Anytime I've called for a quote it's been the lowest price I've gotten. Lots of people on this board highly recommend her!

  5. Colleen

    Colleen Guest

    I have had great success getting heavily discounted cruises through Sam's Club Travel
    (1-800-746-7726, X. 3, then x. 5) however, you must be a Sam's Club member to use them. You should know what cruise line and ship you are interested in as well as a date before you call them.

    I also used Cruise Value Center, however, they have a $50 cancellation or reservation change fee per person. Last time I checked Sam's Club did not. They are on the web-you can get their phone number there.

    I get prices from both places that include all port charges and govt. taxes then see who will beat who's price. Good luck.
  6. pinky

    pinky Guest

    Has anyone tried vacationstogo.com ? They have deeply discounted cruises on all lines. Just curious if anyone has used them and what their opinion was of them.
  7. lullman1

    lullman1 Guest

    Cruisequick has the lowest prices but no telephone contact. Bestpricecruises has the second best prices with live TA's on the other end of the phone if there are any questions or concerns. The difference in price for a quote on the Tahitian Princess between the two was $25.00 pp. Guess which I chose?
  8. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Rick, personally I do on-line comparison then my local agent gets a quote. Have you gone to cruisemates.com and requested an annonymous quote under "I want to cruise"? You put in the details; date, line, ship, itinerary, cabin type, etc. and agents email you back without any identiy being given away. This is a great way to meet a new great agent and find the best price. Also, Princess is pretty good on a guarantee basis. Buy the lowest category of cabin you will be satisfied staying in that is just before what you would love to really have. As mentioned abouve, Kim and Lori have good reputations, so don't hesitate giving them a try. A friend of mine is on the Sea Princess right now and paid $759 for a balcony pp inc. port & taxes. He was very pleased with the rate.
    Bon Voyage
  9. Art Galindo

    Art Galindo Guest

    I have used Costco Travel. Good pricing, however you must know exactly what you want, as their people are mainly order takers. Also, they typically are open only during business hours, Monday thru Friday.
  10. Lillian

    Lillian Guest

    Well I live in Puerto Rico and I am going on the Sea Princess on September 30 and I found a super price for a double cabin. I paid 343.05 with Port Charges on a 7 day cruise. I think this is a fabulous price. This will be my first cruise on Princess.

  11. DianeP

    DianeP Guest

    I searched many cruise sites for the best price and when I called Princess direct they beat them by a mile and I also received and upgade from a minisuite to a Penthouse suite! Best cruise I ever had! Call them first!!!!
  12. LoriMM

    LoriMM Guest

    I used Vacations to Go this summer for an Alaska cruise. Paige Airy was my agent. She got me a great price and room. Inside on Baja for price another travel agent was going to give me a far forward on Dolphin (lowest deck on Sea Princess whatever it is). She responded to my emails immediately so never felt she was far away.
  13. laginog

    laginog Guest

    I second geejay on www.kimskruises. At least e-mail her and ask for a quote. She's really quick to reply and has been the cheapest by far for us. And...she'll lower your price if the rate goes down. We used her for the Star Princess to Alaska this Summer and she saved us about $500.
  14. Don

    Don Guest

    We traveled on the Sun Princess in Oct. and they beat everyone's prices and got right back to you. We e-mailed and called and booked in less than 30 minutes knowing our stateroom etc. Great service!! We will definately use them again
  15. Seahunt

    Seahunt Guest

    A third shout out for Kim @ KimsKruises - she's one of the most favored Princess agencies in the US, and has great service too! Plus she really watches your sailing for you, and gets you any price reduction and/or upgrades automatically!
  16. D. Kane

    D. Kane Guest

    I get updates from cruise411.com and just a few days ago received their "March Madness" list of Princess cruises listing rock bottom prices which includes airfare, taxes, and port charges for sailings during March.

    In our local paper this past week, a travel agency had an ad for Carnival, also with rock bottom prices including airfare, taxes and port charges.

    We usually cruise in March, but since we just returned from Disney, we aren't planning on cruising during spring break. It makes me wonder though why these prices are so low this year. Could it be the impending war with Iraq? Are people not booking cruises in March because of this? I know the ships we were on during this time of year were always fully booked. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I'd like to hear them.
  17. palolake

    palolake Guest

    We just booked another Princess cruise. Lori at Skyscrapper Tours did not return my e-mail, Cruisequick gave the second best quote and Kim at Kim's Kruises was by far the best. This is the second time we've used her. So another vote for Kim!!
  18. We love Kim. By far, the hardest working TA we have ever seen. I do think one needs to do some research too. Know your cruise line, ship, itinerary, other options, etc. Consumer awareness is critical no matter what you're shopping for. IMHO
  19. Jay

    Jay Guest

    Well I have to give my vote to Kim of Kims Kruises. She is soooooooo nice. Best price on our cruise on the Golden 3-29-03.
    Tried Lori Cunningham she gave me a quote and I tried to book with her but she never returned my call. Glad she didn't, Kim came in with a better price.
  20. asctony

    asctony Guest

    Tried Kim and sent her an email with my lowest quote. Never came back with anything. CruiseQuick is very reasaonable. Very good start for a quote.

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