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First cruise...please convince me NOT to cancel!!!

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by cambra, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. cambra

    cambra Guest

    Hi everyone!! I am sooooo worried about getting "seasick" that I am considering NOT going on our first cruise. My husband HAS to go, it's work related...and I was invited. We would be going on the Carnival Liberty (West. Caribb) in January.

    I know from reading post after post, that I am not unlike many first time cruisers, having a fear of getting sick. And, I have read all about the bands, patches, pills, and ginger!! But, I am still so worried! Imagine feeling that way for 7 days?????? Does that really happen?? Has anyone been sick for a whole cruise? I am very prone to motion sickness...we were just at Disney World, and I practically went on nothing! LOL

    Also, I have read that after your cruise, you might feel the effects of the ship! GEEZE, another thing to worry about!!!! LOL What is so fun about cruising?????? LOL, I really would love to hear from you cruising vets!! Convince me to go!!!!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful advice you all provide!!!
  2. chancock

    chancock Guest

    First of all do not Cancel, My 16 year old son suffers motion sickness like I have never seen before, and the first time we went on a Cruise he just knew it was going to be horrible it wasn't .I gave him Dramamine 30 minutes before we got on the boat it wasn't moving yet, I made sure he ate a light meal and drank plenty of fluids, he did just fine, he took the dramamine before bed each night and it really helped him, we have been on 3 cruises and he has not once gotten sick, when you port get off the boat, it helps to be on stable ground. The motion sickness has alot to do with being out of sight of the Horizon, so if you do feel quezy go out on deck, you don't need to stare at the horizon, just being out in the open will help. My son never feels sick after the cruise either. Go with your Husband and Enjoy. And don't try all the home remedies they will probably make you more sick than just plain old Dramamine.
  3. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Cancel....a cruise....HUH? :grin

    I don't get seasick, so I can't help you there. What I CAN tell you is that one of my aunts, who was convinced she got seasick AND was terrified of water, went on her first cruise with us a few years ago. I tell you....we couldn't peel her off the top deck!!! She loved it and was surprised how little she felt the ship's movement.

    I've heard that it really helps if you take Bonine and start taking it the day before you sail so it has a chance to get into your system. I won't pretend to know which method works best, but if you have a few different kinds of prevention, you'll be fine just in case one doesn't work!!

    Don't cancel! Give it a chance and I'll bet you'll love it!
  4. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    My lady friend accompanied me on a cruise over Thanksgiving. She is so prone to motion sickness that she cannot ride in the back seat of a car. She used the patch and never had a moments problem and we did have some rough seas one day. As far as post cruise is concerned, the problem can be simply getting used to a different environment after a week aboard a moving vessel. In 21 cruises, I can only remember it happening a couple of times, but it was merely a curiosity for me; no nausea at all. Go and enjoy yourself! You won't be sorry! Incidentally, the Liberty was docked next to us last week in Costa Maya; she is a beauty!
  5. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    The Liberty is a very big ship (110,000 GRT) and big ships are very stable. Most likely you will have no problems. I get sea sick easily (it has happened to me just by playing video games) and I have never had a problem on a cruise ship. I have spent 39 days at sea on five different ships ranging in size from 23,000 GRT (small) to 138,000 GRT (very big). The ships have stabilizers and will avoid rough seas.

    Talk to your doctor and see what your doctor recommends.

    Non-medical suggestions include eating bland foods (bread, crackers ...) and making sure you can see the horizon. Seasickness is caused by a conflict between the ears and eyes. If you can not see the horizon, your eyes think you are not moving while your ears tell your brain you are. That is how I got "seasick" playing a video game at someone's house. I was sitting on a couch, so my ears told my brain I was not moving. However, I was driving a car on the TV, so my eyes told my brain I was moving and my lunch ended up in the toilet.
  6. cambra

    cambra Guest

    Thanks so much for all the advice! I know, it's embarrassing to even suggest to someone that I might not even go...people get this look on their face like I am from another planet!! LOL I am a typical stay at home mom with two little boys....I know I deserve this...we would probably never take a cruise on our own...it's just not something that has appealed to me before.

    Maybe you can help me with some other questions? I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl...but I get the impression that this is a "no-no" on cruise ships?? Very generally, if you could tell me the dress code...I know there are sites that tell you what to pack, but it all seems so confusing to me....I don' t know when's the last time I have worn shoes other than my Nikes or Birks!!! HELP!!!!!

    Also, at the ports, are there other things to do besides all the tours that are listed? I mean, we aren't signed up for anything, as this cruise is work related for my husband, he hasn't really looked into any of that....and the last thing I think I want to do after being at sea is to jump on another boat to go snorkling...etc.... We will be in Freeport, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

    Thanks again for taking the time! Sounds like you all love cruising, and that's what I need to hear!
  7. cambra
    Please dont cancel your plans you will have so much and you will wonder why you didn't try it before. As far as excursions you can do research on the different boards to see what there is to do on each island. I love shopping so in Cozumel there are tons of cute shops to go into. There are beaches so you can snorkel or just relax it is up to you. Just remember enjoy yourself and RELAX.
    Personally I enjoy getting dressed up for dinner and then during the day I am casual. That's just me though. Cruises make you do things you dont normally do. Sometimes you may try something that you haven't eaten before or try an excursion that you cant do at home or on your usual vacation. Just remember to have an open mind.
    As far as sea sickness --I also get motion sick from vehicles. I have been on 14 cruises and have only been sick once for about 6 hours. Not too bad--huh.
  8. Cruizer

    Cruizer Guest

    cambra Wrote:
    > Maybe you can help me with some other questions?
    > I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl...but I get
    > the impression that this is a "no-no" on cruise
    > ships?? Very generally, if you could tell me the
    > dress code...I know there are sites that tell you
    > what to pack, but it all seems so confusing to
    > me....I don' t know when's the last time I have
    > worn shoes other than my Nikes or Birks!!!
    > HELP!!!!!

    I am a jeans and t-shirt guy and that is why I love Carnival. Even at that, I (compared to others) am over dressed during the day. Basically, if you are not in an eating area, and have all of your private parts covered, you are fine. Carnival does not really have dress code for the outside the dining room (except for common sense). For the dining room, the following is from the Carnival web site ...

    Is there a dress code for the dining room?

    Depending on the length of the cruise, either formal dress or casual resort wear is required in the Dining Room. The dress requirement for children is the same. For those not wanting to dress up, the Lido restaurants are open nightly (with the exception of the last evening of the cruise), and have a casual dress code. Formal Wear: tuxedo (optional); suit and tie; sport coat, tie and slacks; evening gown; cocktail dress; pantsuit Casual Resort Wear: sport shirts and slacks; dresses; skirts; pantsuit NOTE: Shorts, t-shirts and bathing attire are not permitted in the Dining Room during dinner.

    > Also, at the ports, are there other things to do
    > besides all the tours that are listed? I mean, we
    > aren't signed up for anything, as this cruise is
    > work related for my husband, he hasn't really
    > looked into any of that....and the last thing I
    > think I want to do after being at sea is to jump
    > on another boat to go snorkling...etc.... We will
    > be in Freeport, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel.

    There is lots to do at the ports besides taking a ship tour. You can walk around and explore on your own. You can go to a beach. You can shop. You can hire a taxi for a few hours and ask the taxi driver to give you a tour.

    Cozumel is still recovering from hurricane damage. However, I understand that Paradise Beach is open. Try that. In Grand Cayman I highly recommend swimming with the Stingrays. However, that requires a boat ride. You can also go to Seven Mile Beach, a turtle farm or Hell (so you can tell everyone you have been to Hell and you can mail everyone a postcard postmarked from Hell). I have not been to Freeport.
  9. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I took my sister in law on her first cruise a couple of years ago. She LIVES in Birks! While there is a dress code for the dining room, you can certainly make it work! She brought along a long beige demin skirt and a tunic-y top one night (and I think she may have even worn her Birks with it). On the formal night, she wore a very simple black sheath dress with a long pendant to dress it up a little and black sandals. Most of us in our party were a little more dressed up than she was, but she wouldn't have been comfortable in sequins or velvet. I've even taken black slacks and a sparkly top for formal night.

    You will see a lot of people more dressed up than you are and you'll see some who are waaay more casual than you are. Contrary to popular belief, Carnival doesn't technically forbid jeans at dinner (as you will see from Cruizer's post above). But, it's been my experience that most people tend to nix the jeans for dinner time. I usuallly bring a couple of sun dresses or even capri pants and a cute top.

    And, I don't know if your husband will be required to eat with his co-workers, but there are so many other options besides the dining room!!! The Lido buffet and room service are two that come to mind!!!

    GO...and have FUN! :)
  10. cambra

    cambra Guest

    Thank you all SOOO much for such great advice and encouragement! (Encouragement for going on a cruise!?!?! LOL LOL) But, in fact, I need it! It's the longest we will be away from our kids! But, you all have made me feel much better!

    I have not been able to find pictures of what it looks like on the Carnival. I have seen a few cabin shots...but none of the ship we are going on (Liberty). I understand it's a newer ship, maybe that's why?

    Are there stores on the ship? Like, clothing, nicknaks, that kind of thing? Also, this might be a silly question...but what about TV? I know you don't go on a cruise to watch TV...but I was just wondering...is it like a closed circuit type of thing?

    Gambling? Slots? Sorry so many questions...I am sure I can find these answers on other sites, but I really like being told by "humans", in the present!

    Thank you all for returning to my thread and helping me with all my questions! My husband will be busy during the non-port days and I am just trying to find out what I can do!!!

  11. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    Try this site for photos and info on the Liberty. [http://cruiseclues.com/shipstips/carnivalliberty.htm] Great resource. There are a few reviews too!

    There are a few shops on the ship, but the selections of stuff are limited. Every cabin has a TV with a few channels. They usually have news, weather, movies and a few ship channels.

    There will be a casino with slots and table games.

    Edited to say: Maybe someone can help me make the link clickable....I still don't know how!
  12. lainie

    lainie Guest

    DO NOT CANCEL YOUR CRUISE! See your doctor about which motion sickenss medication is best for you. Start taking the medication on the day before the ship leaves port. It is easier to prevent motion sickness than to try to get rid of it after it starts. Sailing the Western Caribbean is good because you won't be going out into the Atlantic which can be bumpier at times. You'll spend most of the cruise in the Caribbean close to the Yucatan Peninsula and sheltered by Cuba, Jamaica and other islands. This is a great itinerary for a first cruise!

    Best Advice: RELAX and ENJOY YOUR CRUISE!
  13. cambra

    cambra Guest

    lizardstew! Thanks so much for posting that site!! Now I can finally see what the inside of a ship looks like!! Don't laugh!! I really have never even seen pictures of one!

    What's also nice about some of those pictures, is that I am able to see what everyone wears! So, thank you again!!!!!! :)

    Back to the site......
  14. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    You are SO welcome!!!!! Before my first cruise, it didn't even occur to me to do any research on how things would be. But, I was just a kid in college then. :lol I went with a group from ASU as part of our summer study. (I'm serious!) We were studying tourism infrastructure in the Caribbean and all I really cared about was looking cute in my formal dresses and EATING! (Ok, so not much has changed...!!)

    Now, I'm going on my 11th cruise, and I research EVERYTHING I can get my hands on. It helps so much with the excitement and anticipation!!!
  15. jcarroll

    jcarroll Guest

    Grand Cayman is a "tender" port which means the ship anchors offshore and you take a small boat from the ship to the dock on shore. And Cozumel's piers were damaged during the hurricanes and you will probable have to tender in there as well. In Freeport the ship docks several miles from the town where the shops are. A taxi or shuttle is required although there will be a group of tent sellers right at the dock.

    My wife is prone to get seasick and the Dramamine really helps. The Bonine (sp) did not help at all. Start taking it the day before and on a regular basis. She always take some real lemons to cut and sniff if she gets dizzy -- does this even at home or in a car. You can get lemons on the ship but not always quickly. You might also take some Cokes.

    As for dress, try and talk to some of the other wives or female attendees. Dressing to fit into the group will be more important than dressing for the other passengers. You will have seven dinners so at least what appears to be a different outfit each night would be a plus.

    Don't stress, prepare to enjoy: 3 plus meals a day, no housekeeping, beautiful views, shopping and wonderful entertainment.
  16. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    No No NO!!!! NEVER cancel a cruise due to motion sickness!!!! I have never suffered from motion/sea sickness in my life, but I did get sea sick on our first cruise, my first formal night no less, but it still was the most fabulous week in my life!!!!! As soon as we got home, we booked another, and I learned how to combat that little problem :) The key is to prepare youself ahead of time. Read up on these boards, bring a couple of different ideas with you and if something doesn't work, try plan B.

    When I did get sick on that first formal night, our wonderful cabin steward came running with chewable Meclizine tablets. I took one, rested and was all better :) took one of those for the rest of the cruise and was fine. We have since brought my meclizine on every cruise and I only took it once as a preventative measure, and I also brought along some Sea Bands (generic version). Never have had a problem since. By all means, CRUISE when you can!! Have fun, enjoy your trip :)
  17. I am enjoying reading the posts of the great people that frequent this site help you with your question. One week ago I returned from my first cruise on a Carnival ship(Glory). For months before that I peppered this site with every conceivable question about cruising and not only received valuable insight but met some very nice folks.
    I was concerned about the motion sickness for me and my family before we went also. We decided not to take any medicine and to see what happened. The first night on the ship was unusually rough and both of my daughters and wife felt ill. The next day was calmer and three of us felt OK. My oldest daughter(17) never really got her sea legs and should have taken some medication. I suspect.If you do decide to wait to take any medicine and start to feel ill the shops onboard may have a supply of wrist bands that may help. Get one quickly however ,as they ran out on our ship that first rough night I told you about. While the nice people on this site do their best to allay your concerns about Mal de Mer I"m sure you realize some people to some degree , depending upon the roughness of the seas will get sick. In no way should you cancel the trip for that reason.
    You're making too much of the dressing up worry too, especially on Carnival. You will have more pressure from your husband's work situation to dress up than from others on the cruise. I found the difference in dressing styles amusing. I hate to dress too and while I was not looking forward to the dress up nights there were both people in tuxedos and those who looked like something the cat dragged in who served to make me feel I was dressed squarely in the middle range. If Hubby's work crew is stuffy you might be under a different pressure to go to the dining room every night and dress up more than you like. I would be more concerned with wether I liked the people your husband works with rather than the motion sickness. One remedy or another will likely repel the sick feelingcreated by motion but what do you take to get rid of his work mates if you realize the first night that they make you sick?
    If you like to gamble and either get lucky or control yourself you can spend lots of time in the casino, Again, thats if you or your husband are comfortable that you won't be perceived by his work mates as having a gambling problem. I guess what I'm saying is if his co-workers are regular guys that won't care what you do you're fine. If They are typical people in the business world they will seize upon the situation to bite your back to their best advantage or for pure sport(especially their wives). You probably have socialized with the same people that will be with you on the cruise so you already have a good idea wether they are likey to enhance your cruise enjoyment or make you miserable. It also depends on whether your husband feels you should go off on your own if the work group decides to do something youi don't care for. One great appealof a cruise is the ability to do what you want amoung the myriad choices available. If you get stuck doing too many things you don't really want to do or not doing as much as you want of something because of appearances it will make the experience less enjoyable.
    A cruise is otherwise so much fun that I would be less likely to be concerned that motion sickness would ruin it than I would if I had to hang with some suits or their wives that I didn't like OR I had to restrict my fun to conform, even slightly, to what they expected of me. You can more easily work around the motion sickness if it arises.
    The ports you will visit all have land trips that don't involve more boats. All seem to have the tacky trinket shopping which you find on any vacation only theirs is geared to that location. Its still a lot of fun. They are still naturally beautiful. Be careful if you buy anytrhing expensive to make sure its authentic and new,I bought a Rolex from a store advertised by the ship as OK only to have the jeweler on board question its authenticity.
    So go on your trip. If you like to eat plan on gaining a few pounds.If you're going to watch what you eat-stay home, youre ruining the best part of the trip(again this is subject to how much you can let go and eat what and how much you want in front of your husband's co-workers). I hope the workers plan to recreate as much as to work. I also hope you have a room with a bacony(if the business is paying I assume you do). They are great, Although I think still have cold from being out there too much at night. Bone up on your casino knowledge especially of the card games they play onboard. I think its Players Club who runs the casinos and they have a site online.
    Have a great time and let everyone know how it all comes out.(hopefully not).
  18. cambra

    cambra Guest

    Thanks again everyone!! Publicdefender, you made me laugh! I loved all the things you had to say! I am not concerned about my husband's "people"...they are all great...but you are right...that would seem like a bigger concern than some of the others I had! But, luckily, I don't have to worry about that!

    Everyone here has been so kind to help with all my questions!! I love coming here! Like most first time cruisers, my concerns are probably trivial, and I am sure to find that out, once on board.

    Thanks again everyone!!! :)
  19. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    I'll tell you THIS much. I was in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago on a business trip (our company's annual convention), and one of my jobs as photographer was to join the fishing competition (to take pics, not fish...lol). Let's just say that the night before, we decided to have a party in our villa (I'll post the pics of that place sometime soon...GORGEOUS!!!), so I was SEVERELY hung over the next morning, and we had to be at the marina at 7am. I used the SEA BANDS wrist bands, because I was DEATHLY afraid of getting sick....they helped SO MUCH. Shortly after I put them on, my stomach calmed down considerably! I've been on two cruises and never even NEEDED anything. The motion IS a strange sensation, but it's never made me seasick. GO HAVE A BLAST!!!
  20. cambra

    cambra Guest

    Thanks Erica! I am so glad you had a good time...and felt good while doing it! I will have to get some of those bands...I have heard there are more expensive, electronic ones??? Anyone know anything about these? Maybe they are the ones you are speaking of....I have never seen any of either...all I know from reading these boards is that there are different kinds...some less expensive from drug stores, and others much more expensive (about $90) you can get from some online stores???

    Thanks again!!!

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