First cruise...please convince me NOT to cancel!!!



Well, if you are going to go electric, then I say go all the way. Get electric self leveling shoes. They work just like the self leveling pool tables on the RCI Radiance class ships (and cost almost as much). The only disadvantage, besides the cost, is you have to stay on your feet all the time. If you sit down the special shoes will not help you. If that is a problem, and you really feel you will need something when you are sitting, then you can really go high tech and get the electric rear end. :lol


Do not cancel your cruise! I am very prone to motion sickness, but risked it 7 years ago when we booked our first cruise - for our honeymoon! I have never had a problem on any of our 5 cruises - those ships are very large and very stable. I do think there is a psychological aspect to motion sickness - if you watch someone else feeling queezy, you might feel the same - think positive and take some precautions. I always wear the wrist bands the first day or two out to sea. I bring bonine or dramamine, but have never had to take any. I heard that ginger works great and I'm thinking of bringing some candied ginger on our cruise next week since we're going with the family and we'll have 5 new cruisers with us. You might enjoy dressing up a few times on your cruise - we like to think of it as an event or a celebration. To us cruising is very special - my hubby is renting a tux although the other three men in our group will be wearing suits. I predict you will have a fantastic time and will soon become a real cruise addict!


Thanks again to all you vets for sharing your cruising experience! I am NOT going to fact, it's booked!

I still love hearing what you all have to say! So, thanks for returning!!! :)


Glad to hear you are going to go. May I give you a little advise about the islands you are going to go to.
Please don't take this the wrong way but many people go to the islands for the first time and they are put off by the poverty. Almost all of the Caribbean is poor. The people are good just poor. Your cruise ship docking at the Pier helps create jobs for them. I am sure you would never do any of the things I have listed below.
Here are a few rules to keep in mind.
1. You are not in the United States. The laws are different
2. These people are very proud of their heritage and their country.
4. You should not be surprised by beggars approaching you. In Jamaica they have done an excellent job of creating a buffer zone between you and the general population. You can venture out on your own if you want to but just be aware of what you will be facing. In Jamaica especially, you will be able to take a taxi to two different shopping centers. These centers have security gates and guards to keep the locals away from you. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO HURT YOU. They are just poor. You can get some great buys at the stores but buyer beware. Especially on jewelry. Unless you really know your gems you can get taken. See rule 1.
5. You have a great opportunity to experience life that is very different than were you live. Be adventurous. Try new things. Go play with a stingray, See ancient Maya ruins, Climb a waterfall, or go see how Rum is made.
6. Don't be one of those people who stands at the pursers office to complain about EVERYTHING.
7. Your flight might be late, the taxi driver may be rude. The hotel room may not be as big as you think it should be. These are all small things don't worry about it. Relax, enjoy yourself. So many people go on a cruise and spend the entire time complaining that this isn't right or that is wrong. They can't enjoy their time on the ship (Nor can anyone else ) because they are not in the right mood.

Since this is your first cruise you should probably stay with the ships excursions. After you have some more experience you can start designing your own excursions. Remember rule 1.

OK thanks for listening. This is one of my pet peeves. I can't tell you how many people get on a cruise and spend the entire time complaining. Please don't be one of those people


Thanks for the info dean-

I appreciate that you took the time to explain those things to me! And , you are completely right, I have NO idea what to expect on the islands...this is not a trip I have kinda just "fell in my lap" I jumped (kinda.....see previous on the chance. So, I appreciate any advice and info!

Thanks again:)


I can tell you about the patches. They will give you cotton mouth and make your vision blurry. I used them on both of my cruises because I get motion/sea sickenss something horrible!! I did not get seasick using the prescription patches, but I did not like the side effects either. We are going in February for our third crusie. I am debating the patch again. It keeps me from getting seasick, but I HATE the side effects. Any advice???? Maybe I should try something different but I am also afraid of a ruined vacation from being sea sick???


I have another question.....

Since we are booked through a huge company...I don't personally have an itinerary...when do we find out where our cabin is located?

Is that something that passengers find out before they board? In other words...I have no idea what to do we find out where we are staying on board? Is it different for us because we didn't book the cruise ourselves?

Thanks again!!


I just watched Myth Busters with my kids and they did a whole section on making people motion sick to test what works and what doesn't. The one thing that worked best was ginger pills, with all of them. They didn't test perscriptions, only over the counter things, wrist bands, etc. This was a special chair designed to make folks motion sick, and boy did it work! Good Luck, Pat

Oh, did I mention you will absolutely love your cruise! We are hooked and we got my parents hooked. Everytime we get someone new to go with us I am afraid they won't like it, but it hasn't happened yet.

Herb & Judy

Cambra, my wife and I are booked on the Liberty this March. It will be our 14th cruise. My advice, "Don't worry be HAPPY." I wouldn't do anything 14 times if it wasn't a blast. These days the ships are so large, and the stablizers they have minimize the roll quite effectively.

I've only been sick one time. We were crossing the Altantic and hit a strom with gale force winds. I was sick for several hours only. All you really have to do is listen to the Captain's weather announcements. If bad weather is approaching you can take medication, BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT BEFORE THE ROUGH WATERS HIT!!! If you wait, I'll do no good. I've only used a patch one time in 14 cruises (on my honeymoon, I did'nt want to mess up.)

Another thing to consider. If you're approching any rough weather, try to cut down on the booze. I know that's no fun but it's smart. Another tip, drink PLENTY OF WATER!!! You'de be amazed how dehydrated you can get. In rough seas dehydration makes you get sick quicker.

But like I said earlier the chances of you getting sick are pretty slim.

After you cruise for an extended tiem your body gets used to the movement. When you get off the ship it'll feel a little funny. Sailors who are on board for months actually can get land sick when they get off ship.

But after a week a sea it's not much of a problem.

Send me a private message if I can help further.


ok.......i was the same way before i went on my first was last march on the inspiration ( carnival )...i took one dramamine a day and never got sick! you will feel a little rolling but thats about it! most of the time you cant even tell you are on the ship! you can go to your doctor and get the patch which seems to work for most other people..i have not used one!
also, i get sick in a car yet alone a boat! but even when we went in october during hurricane wilma, i didnt get sick once and the waves WERE rolling! and also, the ship was the smallest carnival ship in the class! just take some dramamine or get the patch... you will be fine and hopefully you will enjoy your cruise as much as we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cambra - I suggest that you don't miss swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman. It is an experience you will never forget! Our last cruise we went on a catamaran, the Buccaneer. We went to 3 stops: Stingray City sandbar, the reef and Coral Gardens. They did such a great job! They also took a video and we bought the DVD. It was very well done.

Their website is:

I am so glad you are going! Have a great cruise!


I have always used the patch and have never had any side effects, I guess it is differant for everyone??


pnorth Wrote:
> cambra, please let us know how your cruise goes
> as soon as you get back. Have fun!!!

Hi everyone! I am still reading all of your posts! Thank you for replying! The cruise is coming up! We leave the last Sunday of January.

Nobody told me that 1/2 the fun of cruising is all the shopping I get to do before we go!!! (new clothes for example!!).....I know, I know....I have read not to take too much clothing...but this is our first cruise...and with all the baby weight I never is a good time as any to buy new things....weeeeee!!!! :)

Anyway...I will definitely come back and tell you all about our first cruise!!! Thanks again!!