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First & Last Day on Tahitian Princess



Does anyone know anything about what happens? We arrive ATN 4:10AM. By time get to TP the previous passengers will still be in our cabin. Guess we can eat but what to do with carry-on luggage.

Last day you get off ship mid AM and then ATN doesn't leave until 11:30PM. Assume that Princess will get a hotel room like REN did. Have to kill time somewhere & Princess is responsible for our luggage and transfer to ATN.

Jackie D

Did you book the ATN flight or was it through Princess air ? I also just booked this cruise and have the same questions... Havent decided yet whether to do my own air. Princess are, or Princess air with deviations. Also have to see what the prices are on the packages. .

Marion Paris

Please keep up all updated opn that information you have. We are all in the dark about this.