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Sunday I booked my first cruise, this cruise will be on the Norway, and will also be my honeymoon. After reading some reviews, I am a little nervious. I have read some great reviews saying that this is a great ship, I have also read some less than stellar reviews. Normaly I wouldn't stress out about a few bad reviews given how many great reviews there are, I am a pretty laid back kinda guy, however this is my honeymoon so I am overly Paranoid I suppose. We Booked Suite S-009 on the Sun Deck. Anyway to the point.. Has anyone stayed in the S Suites on the sun deck? Has anyone honeymooned on the Norway?


Hello, I am a real cruise addict with my 14th cruise booked for 5/3 on the brand new ship NCL DAWN. I have been on the Norway twice. It is an old ship, yes the carpeting is worn and the sheets and comforters have seen better days, but hey the price is good and the ports of call are great so I think you will enjoy it for your honeymoon. Since this is your first cruise you have the advantage of not being able to compare it to something newer. One of my vendors went on the Norway a few weeks ago, in February. He had a suite and thought it was awesome with the floor to ceiling window. He also said it was his second best vacation ever. Number #1 was a land trip in Hawaii. The food is good to excellent in the dining room and in LeBistro, although not so great in the buffet.
Cruising is the best. I hope you get hooked like the rest of us. Bon Voyage! Hope you have beautiful days at sea.


You will find every ship has great and bad reviews. If you read most the complaints about the Norway it is because it is not like the new mega ships and it is not like those ships. Yes it does have some worn carpet and older furnishings.

The Norway is in great shape especially if you consider her age. The are always cleaning and painting and doing fixups, just like on the new ships.

The Norway is a beautiful ship and the crew does a great job. The food is good but than that is up to your personal taste. I had a great time on the Norway and would not hesitate to cruise on her again.

Go with an open mind and have a great honeymoon cruise. Try not to worry about how others felt on the ship good or bad. Go relax and let the crew take care of you and you will have a great time.

Congrats on your upcoming marriage.


The Norway is a wonderful experience and if you can relax about the small stuff you will have a great time. Make sure to eat atleast once in Le Bistro - the food is wonderful and the service is amazing. Lots of deck space on the Norway to walk around on at night - very romantic!



Don't miss the International Lounge for cocktails and dancing. I haven't been on the Norway for a couple of years but I remember that lounge as being one of the nicer ones at sea. Can anyone add further comment ?


cheewiee....You must mean suite K009! You will have a beautiful new wife, and a suite with floor to ceiling windows, concierge service,tub and bath, refrigerator etc, what more can a guy ask for?!!! LOL Be sure to use the concierge service when you get to ports, whether you are booked for a tour or not, because you having a suite get to go on the first tender out. Just ask the service to get you on the first tender and he will give you a ticket. Have a wonderful honeymoon.


^^^ According to my confirmation paperwork I recieved from yahoo, it is stateroom, S009, on the Sun Deck, according to the Norweigean site, that is correct, the K Suites are on the sky deck.



Hey dude! I cruised on the Norway years ago on my honeymoon and loved it. In fact we are cruising on her again June15th and taking our children (2 girls). She is a beautiful ship with a allot of character! Enjoy!


You will love the Norway as much for her history and the feel of being on an oceanliner, as well as for not being a "floating hotel"...the Norway, of all my cruises, is still my favorite ship....I have found that the service on the Norway is excellent and a bit different from that of other seems that the service on the Norway, particularly in the dining rooms, has a more elegant feel to it....I think this may be because the crew on the Norway is very much aware and proud of her history.....when the Norway leaves port on Sundays in Miami, all the other ships blow their horns as a salute to her OTHER captains of OTHER SHIPS are also aware of how special she will love the Norway...I'm sailing her again in two weeks (4/27) with my husband for our first wedding anniversary....we cannot think of a more romantic ship....we also have a suite for this trip and will use the concierge service....Your suite will have a fantastic view of the ocean (floor to ceiling windows or very large picture windows, several of them), a nice sitting area, large bathroom, complimentary champagne ...also, in the suites, you'll have lots of different luxury soaps, shampoos, body gels, lotions, potions, etc. ,'ll be the cleanest people on the ship! LOL!!!
Most of these luxury items come from companies like the Body Shop, 1511 Rue de la Paix, etc.
Sea you!

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